I apologize if the following text is too cringy for you. I just wrote what first came to my mind. Hey there stranger. I used to be an active member here once, but then something shitty happened in my personal life. It changed me and I was never able to come back. I'm so sorry for everything, especially for leaving without any notice. I almost came back a few times but then decided not to, thinking it was too late to continue my stories. I see most of my old pals have disappeared along the years as well. I hope you're doing well even if you never see this message. Forum games is also in the brink of death, which I'm saddened to see considering how active it was back when I was around. This place gave me nothing but good memories. I just wasn't in a good place mentally and I didn't have it in me to return anymore. This shall (most likely) remain my last post here, though I will stay lurking every once in a while. Thanks to everyone who supported me along the years. ~ finlander


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