Control problem (Xpadder)

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This game plays great with a 360 pad, but I hate the right stick as a method to highlight usable objects. I wish the right stick just let me control the pointer. This is how I set up Tales of MI (Using Xpadder) and it played fantastically.

Well now I finished ToMI Part 1 I want to go back to W&G but I can't stand the right stick mode.

But when I map the right stick to mouse in W&G, it just bugs out because it's trying to do both mouse and the built in scheme.

Anyone know a way I could prevent the game from seeing the 360 pad so I can map it all in Xpadder. Or even just disable the right stick from W&G so I can use Xpadder to make it a mouse?



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    I remember that in Autohotkey you can actually overide then disable the buttons, so you probably can in Xpadder too.
    But as for the analogue sticks, I'm not sure.
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