Song suggestions for the intros of a possible season 2?

The intros to all five episodes were one of my favourite parts of this game, using songs I'm now loving, fom genres I usually don't listen to. It would be great if they could repeat the effort! Maybe some kickass rock songs (stuff I usually listen to!), for example:
something by Cheap Trick, I feel like their stuff would fit Pandora somehow (maybe "Give it away"?)
"Sped demon" by The Donnas
"Take it all away" by Girlschool (I just love this guitar solo!)
"All the way" by Judas Priest
"Playin' the outlaw" by Krokus
"Rocket" by Mud
"Woke up this morning" by Nazareth
"Trash can murders" by The Runaways
or "Blind eye" by Uriah Heep



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