The Silent Lord & what Q.T.E. we can get away with. :)

First of, love the 1st movie. Haven't watch the second yet...

This game, It's nice, bit silly to start off by killing him off him... which IMO i still believe is the Red Skull
and yet to be proven otherwise with no mentions as to how long he's been around in existence, it still stands. :D

Here's a video about that 'theory' I made a long time ago.

Contents in this playthrough:
- Standard Silent Treatment, keep silent without getting killed
- Skipping Q.T.E.s without dying
- Death scenes at the end of the video.

Episode 1: Tangled up in Blue


  • Small critic about the Q.T.E.
    Potential Spoilers


    There's loads of parts where doing nothing does not lead to Game Over.
    I think there's around 13 parts where you'll die if you do nothing with different cinematic endings.

    I am disappointed in how many things we do are just for show... what do i mean?
    any speed-runners just need to do nothing and it'll skip all that action to the inevitable results.

    I'm fine if the end result is the same, i just find it pointless if Rocket is going to fall on the same spot when you either
    do nothing and drop right at the beginning or you run around the place like mad and still drop at the beginning.

    And what's the point of all the shooting?
    Most people know it's pointless to shoot at a person like that... Did it change he's reaction at least?
    I'm not sure, did we see him blasting energy blasts lesser when we shoot back or is he still blasting the same amount?

    It's just going to spoil our mouse faster for no reason. So I'm glad I don't have to and just watch him run around doing nothing.

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    **The Silent Lord **

    Episode 1: Tangled up in the Blue

    Episode 2: Under Pressure

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