People are still interested in more Sam & Max!

This is basically a far cry, but a post had gone around recently on tumblr expressing why Sam & Max isn't more popular, and its growing in notes (At almost 2 thousand now). Plus the recent twitter post Telltale made involving Sam & Max has created a spark of interest as well. Its the 30th anniversary and Telltale really should do something even just an announcement that they still care about them.

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  • I've always appreciated Sam & Max. They've helped me through a lot of tough times, and I keep the Surfin' the Highway paperback like a bible! The world needs Sam & Max

  • Telltale reblogged???

    Woah man I feel it coming, there's been a couple of teases lately huh?

  • Man I hope this is telltale purposely nudging us for something bigger later this year. Game Awards 2017 is my guess (by guess I mean HOPE). They've recently made big game announcements there, while I don't think it'd be a season 4 a mini series or one off could happen to test the waters to see if people are still interested.

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    Telltale reblogged??? Woah man I feel it coming, there's been a couple of teases lately huh?

  • I'd be happy with a remaster for current consoles and mobile devices!

  • I do want to have a new season of Sam and Max.
    They're freaking awesome!

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    ay yo @falanca where you at son they reblogged you

    edit: no seriously starting to get a bit giddy they've shared fans love of Sam & Max

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    I'm Pureorangeness, who made the response to the original post and telltale reblogged the original from me.

    Iunno why you censored my name in the first screencap and left it in the second. By all means have my name there, it was just funny to me.

    But yeah. Can't stand any of the new games Telltale churns out- and it's all franchises I like or adore (batman, gotg, fables, BACK TO THE FUTURE, etc). But it's all the same game and none of the stories matter and episodes take 2 hours tops with no visible challenge. I hated the first Batman episode, never played the rest. I hated Bttf from beginning to end. I will probably never play Gotg and I love Gotg.

    It just feels like the Telltale brand became a stain to my eyes, worsening whatever franchise it attachs itself. Has no difference to me than all those movie license shovelware games of the past: the ones they would sell before the advent of cheap apps.

    Telltale wasn't that to me at all when Sam and Max was in charge. Telltale made the telltale tool to make games that are different than what the market dictates. Telltale was the closest thing to the wills of artistic freedom and "fun for the sake of fun" in the art of game development when indie gaming wasn't even a thing.

    Now it's just sad to see Telltale is one of the top benefactors of market's own greed and it is double sad to see Sam and Max had to cease continuing to keep the gears moving.

  • This times a 1000. Though I did like BttF game that was the last game I ever bought from TaleTell. I think they forgot where they came from and their old fans who made them what they are today. It's sad to see a great company that turned into the shit they make today. I get it they need new IPS and need to make that money. I won't like it but it seems a lot of people do. But never ever forget where you came from. The day you turn your back on your loyal customers that helped you become the company they are today is a company that has lost all respect. Try to tell them that and they don't see it. I feel used and abused. They got what they wanted from us and not they got more money they forget where they came from.

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    For God's sake, it's their 30th anniversary, and they're not even doing anything with them. In my opinion, it's time that Telltale brings an old classic back from the dead. I don't care if it's Poker Night 3, or a mini-series, or even a show, I'm ready for another Sam & Max.

  • It was Sam & Max, and Telltale's vision of continuing to make enjoyable point and click games, that brought me to the company in the first place. For years I hungrily devoured all their games, even those Puzzle Agent ones that.. honestly, I wasn't terribly impressed with. Even as they branched out to Strong Bad, Monkey Island and Back to the Future, I continued to love and support Telltale cause I loved their work.

    Then Jurassic Park and Walking Dead happened and.. I dunno, the company's soul just kinda changed. The complete change in emphasis from humour, exploration and puzzles to fast & frantic gameplay with edge-of-your-seat decision making just.. that's not my idea of point and click. It's effectively twitchy, trigger finger action with artificial tension. One of the big reasons I even got into the genre way back when was the sense of taking one's time and going on an adventure. Now that adventure is rushing at me so fast I can barely take it in and don't have enough time to digest my own actions before they're made for me cause I stopped to actually read my choices.

    If we can go back to that old school Telltale, I'd LOVE to see more Sam & Max. Hell, at this point I'd love another season of the cartoon.

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    I'm miffed right now.

    Batman, Walking Dead (AGAIN) and even Wolf Among Us got a new season.

    Why can't Sam and Max finally get a new season? It's been stuck in limbo for like +5 years already. =/
    And we all know there's an audiance for it.

    I'm sick and tired for the whole grim&gritty depressive genres.

  • Since the comic con reveals i just lost hope, I was absolutely SURE we were gonna get something announced there but nope, we're already in august and not a peep from telltale or Steve other than "teases" that don't amount to anything. Walking Dead is getting a new season barely a year after its 3rd season and we've waited for 7 years now

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    This really bites, especially since it's the 30th anniversary of the franchise. I'd settle for a Hit the Road remastered, or even the smaller game that Kevin Bruner teased about a few years ago, (but then again Bruner stepped down earlier this year so I am highly doubtful of that possibility) just something more than a random tweet from Telltale's twitter account acknowledging these characters, and their games, existence.

  • Nope, because to Telltale Sam & Max isn't part of their future.

    Not giving them a single dime ever again

  • Sam and Max would actually fit quite well to their "Telltale formula." The funny dialogue is still solid even without a proper adventure game puzzles.

  • You know what? I've played Sam and Max: Hit the Road when I was younger as well as the other seasons that TellTale made like The Devil's Playhouse and I had a lot of fun playing them even as an adult. I think that having more Sam and Max would be great because imagine making choices as Sam and Max and than having to figure out who the villain is and making friends or enemies based on player choice it sounds pretty cool. Sam and Max always get themselves into funny situations that are caused from plans going wrong which makes it pretty funny.

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    Sam and Max would actually fit quite well to their "Telltale formula." The funny dialogue is still solid even without a proper adventure game puzzles.

  • Sam & Max humour has been grade A through all games. Telltale did a good job writing for them.

  • Maybe it's better that there's no new season..? A lot of time has passed by since the last one, and they would maybe do many things in the game differently, and it's better to leave the game as it is, awesome. Seeing posts about how the newer games aren't as great, it's better to not make another season that fans would dislike.

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