Episode 2 choices

Right guys, what choices did you all make
I chose:
To go with rocket to halfworld
I carried lyla out
I trusted drax to guard nebula (kinda figured drax needs a purpose and also gamora didn't do well interrogating nebula)
I told rocket to keep the computer
I didn't trust nebula to fight in case she escaped.


  • i did almost everything u did but I trusted nebula

    • I chose to find Nebula. I felt super bad about this one, because I had promised Rocket I would help him, but then Gamora comes up to me and starts telling me how urgently we need to get to Nebula before she reached Thanos, and I had to agree. I tried to make it up to Rocket at every point I could, but he wasn't having it. Hopefully I can right that in future episodes.
    • I carried Lylla out of the compound. I felt that was the most heroic thing to do, especially since right before everything happened she was talking about how she wanted to see the sunshine. I wanted to show it to her before she died. Damn though, I hope the Eternity Forge can bring her back to life after all, because she was great. (Also kind of because I wanted it to make sense why she was buried outside. Why was she buried outside if you chose to leave her?)
    • I trusted Drax with Nebula. Gamora told me that Drax was so volatile and would likely start a fight with Nebula if left alone, and she said this right after she almost chopped off Nebula's head. Honestly, even though Gamora's usually more level-headed, Nebula had a way to get under her skin, and Drax's skin's pretty tough (I mean, really though, is his skin made of sandpaper? Am I the only one who sees that weird texture he has?)
    • I told Rocket to keep the computer. It really wasn't Peter's place to tell him, since we only really saw Rocket's life through that one little glimpse. If he remembers her just by carrying that little thing around, then by all means, never let go of it.
    • I let Nebula out. We needed an extra fighting hand (even though two would have been better) and I also somewhat felt bad for her. Part of me kind of wanted her to escape anyway.
  • dojo32161dojo32161 Moderator

    Weird thing about one of the website choices has a different description from the choice title
    enter image description here
    enter image description here

    If you care, I also told Drax to hang out with Gamora, but she had already kicked me out of her room so I couldn't see the interaction.

  • I went to half world with Rocket
    I carried Lylla out
    I left Gamora to guard Nebula
    I told Rocket to hold onto the computer
    I freed Nebula to help fight the Kree

    • I promised Rocket I'd take him to Halfworld. He was already pissed at me for not calling the Collector, so I figured I owe this much to him.
    • I prioritized Rocket's personal journey over fetching Nebula from the Nova Corps. I haven't broken a promise yet, and I wasn't starting now. Sorry, Gamora.
    • I warned Lylla that they were gonna put her down. I didn't think Rocket would lie to her knowing how much he cares for her.
    • I granted Lylla's last wish by letting her sacrifice herself so Rocket could escape. Though, I wonder if that really was the right thing to do.
    • I helped Rocket re-bury Lylla. I wanted to help any way I could.
    • I told Gamora to leave the room once she drew her blade on Nebula. That was not part of the plan we agreed on.
    • I let keep his broken computer wrist. Even though Lylla's gone, Rocket can still keep a piece of her with him, just like how Peter keeps his walkman that he got from his mom.
    • I refused to let Nebula fight and kept her imprison. I just couldn't trust her. First chance she gets, she would stab us in the back.
    • I confided in Rocket about hoping to see Meredith inside the temple. I wanted to stay honest with Rocket and the others.
    • I prioritized Rocket's personal journey over fetching Nebula from Knowhere
    • I denied Lylla's last request and risked Rocket's life to take her out into the sunlight.
    • I placed Gamora in charge of guarding her sister Nebula.
    • I helped Rocket retain his memory of Lylla by telling him to hold onto his broken wrist computer.
    • I released Nebula to fight the Kree

    * I promised I'd go with Rocket to Halfworld
    * I warned Lylla that the Scientist scheduled her for termination.
    * [website glitch, did not show up] I gave Rocket some time alone after his flashback.
    * I kicked Gamora out of her own bedroom in order to gain Nebula's cooperation [I don't remember doing this, I didn't realise this was an option]
    * I supported Gamora's argument, and clearly took her side.
    * I dodged Rocket's question about seeing Meredith inside the temple, instead focusing on Rocket's sudden concern.

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    My choices

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    I feel like a total dick as i promised Rocket to help him and then changed my mind at the last second :fearful:

  • Can someone justify Rocket keeping his wrist computer to me? I understand keeping something to remember your loved ones but that thing was dragging him down. It was just a constant reminder that he failed Lylla, and he wore it on his wrist.

  • enter image description here

    From the site choices:

    • I didn't promise to take Rocket to the Halfworld, but then went after him anyway, because I didn't want him to do something stupid with the relic.
    • I told Lylla she was to be terminated.
    • I helped Rocket re-bury Lylla.
    • I told Gamore to leave.
    • Prioritized Rocket's journey
    • Carried Lyla outside
    • Trusted Drax to guard
    • Told Rocket to keep his wrist computer
    • Released Nebula
    • Told Rocket we needed to find Nebula first
    • Prioritized getting Nebula from the Nova Corps
    • Didn't tell Lyla she was going to be executed
    • Helped Lyla outside
    • Helped Rocket replace stones on Lyla's grave
    • Told Gamora to wait outside whilst I talked to Nebula alone
    • Told Drax to learn focus with Gamora
    • Put Gamora in charge of Nebula
    • Agreed to let Nebula out to help fight
    • Told Gamora I wasn't sure what we would find on Emnios
  • Prioritized Rocket's personal journey over finding Nebula since it seemed very important to him.

    Risked Rocket's life to carry Lylla out because I don't think Rocket would ever leave her behind.

    Placed Drax in charge of guarding Nebula since he needed a purpose and because Gamora didn't do very well with Nebula during the interrogation.

    Told Rocket to keep his broken wrist computer. Who am I to tell him he should give it up?

    Kept Nebula imprisoned because I didn't trust her one bit.

  • I chose:

    To go with Rocket to Halfworld - I felt like despite us needing to get to Nebula, Rocket was desperate and I wanted to help the little guy. And the emotional payoff was worth it.
    I carried Lylla out - It was fitting she got to say goodbye to Rocket properly, as opposed to his last memory of her being trapped.
    I trusted Gamora to guard Nebula - While I felt bad for Drax after the "purpose" chat, I felt like Gamora needed to reconnect with her Sister and this might have helped.
    I told Rocket to keep the Computer - You'd have to be heartless to take away something Rocket has as his last memory of Lylla.
    I let Nebula free from her Shackles to help us fight - I felt like I could trust her, especially after talking about the deal with her Arm. Only time will tell if she tries to run, but she seemed to get stuck in and I felt like my Gut instinct was right.

  • I promised to go to Halfworld with Rocket. I knew there was a 50/50 chance it would either be some emotional character building, or he just wanted something there for selfish reasons. But I had a pretty good feeling that it would be worthwhile, knowing Telltale's reputation for completely destroying my emotions.

    I definitely carried Lylla outside. I wasn't going to let her die without having seen the open sky and sunshine. I also helped Rocket rebury her.

    I had Gamore guard Nebula because I figured there's be less chance for bloodshed. She loses her temper a lot, but she still has familial ties to keep her from going too far. Drax has no such reservations and makes it pretty clear he wants to kill Nebs.

    I trusted Nebs to fight with us because I just wanted to see more of her. I love her character, plus I love her VO Ashly Burch, so it was just an excuse to see/hear more from the character! Plus I hoped that by trusting her, she'd pay it back to us in a future episode. You know how Telltale is about that stuff.

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