20 Minutes of Life is Strange: Before the Storm gameplay



  • I've only watched up to the part where Chloe and Rachel encounter each other in the barn so not to spoil myself too much.

    Firstly, it's good to see the gameplay style is the same and with just as much interaction as I remembered in the first game. It's a shame Ashly cannot reprise her role due to the strike but I'm glad she's part of the writing team at least. The new actor is not bad, there's a notable difference but she sounds close as can be for Chloe. I'm giving this actress a chance (And I've seen some fans would like Ashly to redo all of Rihanna's lines after the strike is over, which I find is incredibly insensitive and insulting to the actress who's doing her JOB to the best of her abilities, it would honestly be a betrayal if Ashly were to do that to Rihanna.) It'll take some time to get used to hearing (time varying upon individuals), much like I had to get used to Dragon Ball changing Gohan and Frieza's voice actors, this is the same thing. The delivery of some lines needs work I must admit, otherwise I'm very enthusiastic in playing this (and especially playing as Chloe)!

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