The Silent Lord

Couldn't find my old post...

Third episode is out and I love the interaction with the new comer silently.

Quill: "But ma, I didn't even hit him. He just started bleeding."

Seriously don't see why make us do the punching or shooting if there's no alternative result.

In walking dead, at least if we stop punching it makes a difference. Here I didn't punch or shoot and get same result. Might as well just show us a scene of him punching or shooting...


  • Also joined the memories of both Gamora and Nebula to see both points of view flow continuously.

  • Two episodes released while I was away Oo

    I’m surprised I don’t see past episode two from people I subscribed to. Was hoping to see their results.

    Finally got back to it and here’s episode 4...

  • The final episode of the season...

    I find the final boss fight hilarious to know that I can win it without even trying...
    I hope it's significantly different to those who hit every button, then at least we can see a hilarious outcome of doing nothing at all...

    but if it's exactly the same, then i'm seriously disappointed.

    The full episode

    The QTE boss fight with inaction.

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