Cast the Telltale Game of Thrones characters

If the Telltale characters were in the tv series, who do you think they should be played by?

My choices:
Asher Forrester- Luke Mitchell
Beskha- Zoe Saldana
Rodrik Forrester- Clive Standen
Mira Forrester- Daisy Ridley
Ludd Whitehill- John Goodman
Gryff Whitehill- Jesse Eisenberg
Gwyn Whitehill- Tracy Spiridakos

Can't think of any others right now. Who would your choices be?



  • Just had the craziest guys for casting in mind:

    Cersei Lannister - Lena Headey
    Tyrion Lannister - Peter Dinklage
    Ramsay Bolton - Iwan Rheon
    Jon Snow - Kit Harrington
    Margaery Tyrell - Natalie Dormer
    Daenerys Targaryen - Emilia Clarke

    In all seriousness though, I think your list is pretty solid. I'll think for a bit and come back with an answer

  • I don't have many, but Ellise Chappell is like perfect for Mira and I always felt like Josh Hartnett was used as a starting point for Rodrik's design. I'd maybe go with Brendan Gleeson for Lord Whitehill.

    Also the guy in the music video for 'the nights' by avicii looks uncannily like Gryff.

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