The choice to reveal your identity

This is something that I thought of after the conversation with Alfred regarding Tiffany. He suggested that it may be best to tell her the whole truth. And if you reveal to Gordon that Lucius worked for Batman, Alfred will also mention how he's too close for comfort. John Doe even asks to pinky swear with you, to not keep secrets from each other. He probably doesn't suspect anything, but still...

What if it really came down to it and you had the choice of who to reveal Bruce's secret to between Tiffany, Gordon, and even John Doe? Would you really be willing to take that risk? Would you trust them to be discreet and not expose Bruce?



  • Tiffany? yes Gordon? not yet John Doe?? NO

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    I would tell Tifanny (she deserves to know) and Gordon. John? I like him, and I do believe that he's not a bad guy, he's just surrounded by the wrong people, but I wouldn't even think about revealing my identity to him. It can be way too dangerous to Bruce in the long run.

  • Honestly I'm almost at the point of disclosing it to the public. Too many people either know or are getting close to the truth, and not all of them are friends. I would rather Bruce take control over his fate than be blackmailed by the likes of Waller or Catwoman.

  • Tiffany, yes. I want her to work with Batman so she needs to be told the truth. Also I promised Alfred I was going to tell her and I'm not breaking any promises made to Alfred.

    Gordon... I'm not sure. He deserves to know, I hate that Waller knows but he doesn't, it doesn't feel fair, but at the same time I feel like he doesn't need to know. Not after that amazing speech on the rooftop. But if he asks me, yeah, I think I would reveal it to him.

    John? Not a chance.

  • Tiffany of course. Gordon no because he doesn't need to know. All he cares about is that Batman protects Gotham. John no but let's be honest, he knows, doesn't he?

  • Tiffany is going to become part of our team so she needs to know. It will also shed light on the work her father did.

    Gordon does not want to nor needs to know. He said it better than I ever could, we are Batman that's all we need to be as far as he is concerned. If he knows who we are he will be duty bound to arrest us.

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    The only person I'm willing to tell at the moment is Tiffany. At first it was because Lucius suggested recruiting her and I agreed that she'd be a good fit. Now it's because of what happened to her father and she deserves to know everything that was going on in his life. Not to mention how close she is to the family.

  • Tiffany -- Yes. The heartless reasoning being, Bruce needs a new Lucius Fox. He can't continue the work he does without someone to maintain, repair, and create his gadgets. The more compassionate reason being, unless Bruce reveals it to her, she won't be able to know more about her father. He believed in the work they did together so much, he frequently chose it over his own family. I think it will make a difference to know it wasn't office work but a greater good - a better future for her and his family that he'd chosen.

    Gordon -- On the fence. Would I like to tell him as Bruce? Mostly, but it's out of purely selfish reasons. Gordon doesn't care about the identity of Batman. For Gordon, he's a symbol, and symbols are far greater than any human is capable of being. A symbol can perfectly represent the embodiment of an idea or ideal, be that Hope or Justice, the people create what they need in a symbol. As Bruce, I could easily see Gordon as someone I'd want to confide in like a best friend. It's a connection I can't see happening with Tiffany.

    John Doe -- I'd want to tell him in at least one save, and I'd ideally like to have told him in Chapter 2. I doubt we'll have the opportunity, but John Doe is an unstable person that's easily influenced. Right now, that influence is held by Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn has the most influence on him at the moment, but there's something else he's shown to be fascinated with in his room. Batman. There's no telling how Bruce Wayne could be of influence to him if he could share all of his secrets with him early enough. He likely could/could have been turned into an anti-hero in this verse.

  • I wouldn't mind revealing my identity to all of them. But...if I had to choose it'd be Gordon, Tiffany and then John in that order.

  • Yes, I'd absolutely tell Gordon and Tiffany. Without any hesitation, they both deserve to know. I want to bring them into the Bat Family.

    John Doe...? Um... I mean, obviously that's a bad idea, but.... I might do it just because I'm really curious what would happen. Like, if it's actually a choice at any points... I might.

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    Only Tiffany, I like Gordon but I just don't feel comfortable with just letting my identity out there. One of the reasons why whenever there is a choice of going as Batman or Bruce I always chose Batman. I will not expose Bruce when I don't have to because it adds to the danger. Only way I would tell Gordon is if Waller tries to blackmail or back me into a corner. As for John definetly not, part of me believes he already knows or will find out, but last thing I need is pact members finding out.

  • Well if I had to choose who to show my identity too it would Tiffany or Gordan. I wouldn't tell John Doe although there is a small chance he knows. While Bruce is in Arkham Asylum in Season 1 he does say that he senses something "darker" in Bruce. Could it be some part of him knows he is Batman but some part chooses not to believe it? In the comics I think he knew it was Bruce as Batman for a long time but never acted upon it because he wanted to take down Batman not Bruce Wayne.

  • Not sure if it was Slcmof or Salvage1009 on YouTube, but one of them said they got leaked info from a trusting source that says that in Episode 4 or 5, it'll be revealed that John Doe/Joker knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman and knew the entire time.

    But I would gladly tell Tiffany and Gordon. Tiffany is Lucius Fox's daughter and he knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman, so it's best to let her in on the secret. Plus I already had Bruce tell Fox that he wants Tiffany to join them when it comes to Batman. And I think telling Tiffany would help repair her relationship with Bruce even further since she is already upset with Bruce if you chose the option to tell her the truth about her father's death.

    As for Gordon, I want to tell him after everything I witnessed throughout the Arkham games and the Christian Bale Batman movies. Gordon learns who Batman is in both of them. In the end, he doesn't care and is still willing to work with Batman. Plus keep his identity a secret. And after that, I think it's time to make a change to what's canon about Batman and just have Gordon know from the start and do this with Gordon with any future take on Batman. He's a police officer also. And with the type of job police officers have, they should easily be able to piece stuff together that Bruce is Batman, especially with how hi-tech and expensive Batman's vehicles, gadgets, and suits are.

    There have been a few times already that I wanted to have Bruce tell Gordon that he is Batman. Mainly after the part in the first episode of Season 2 where Gordon confronts Batman about Fox and gets all upset that he had to find out through The Riddler that Fox worked for Batman That seemed like the perfect time to tell Gordon. I was actually hoping Season 1 would end with you having the choice to tell him. Even in Season 2 Episode 2 there was a few times that seemed like the perfect time to tell him.

    And with all the changes Telltale is doing to what we know about the Batman universe, I think telling Gordon and bringing him in would fit well into all these changes. If they are going to make Vicki Vale a bad guy, swap Joker and Harley's relationship roles (for now???), kill off The Riddler and Lucius Fox, and have Bruce Wayne and Joker start out as friends, might as well just have Bruce tell Gordon he's Batman. Let's just go all out. But at least these changes are making things interesting. As long as Bruce Wayne/Batman doesn't die, I'll play along with the changes Telltale is doing.

  • That was from Salvage, I watched that video too. He said that one supposed former developer gave some info on the season. He also said that Gordon will die in a random shoot-out, John will never be called The Joker and more. Don't know how much truth those hold

  • No one asked for your would be spoilers. Fuck off.

    Not sure if it was Slcmof or Salvage1009 on YouTube, but one of them said they got leaked info from a trusting source that says that in Epis

  • If I remember correctly he claimed his source told him Joker would abduct Barbara, and she is nowhere to be found right now.

    Safe to assume a lot has changed since then.

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    That was from Salvage, I watched that video too. He said that one supposed former developer gave some info on the season. He also said that

  • I didn't spoil anything, so shut up and stop being a crybaby. I don't trust the source that Salvage got anyway. Plus he said they were from early on. Things can change, especially the part of Gordon dying at the end of the season. I was only bringing up that since if it's true that Joker/John Doe already knows, no point in telling him and/or keeping it a secret from him. That was my answer to if I would have Bruce tell John that he's Batman. But if Salvage's source is wrong, I probably wouldn't tell John Doe/Joker anyway. He's the one I would leave out.

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    No one asked for your would be spoilers. Fuck off.

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    HexIgon said:
    No one asked for your would be spoilers. Fuck off.

    Reaperscout07 said:
    I didn't spoil anything, so shut up and stop being a crybaby.

    Can both of you please try being more civil when discussing things rather than using insults, it's fine to have debate but please don't insult each other like that.

  • I would be willing to reveal Batman's identity to Tiffany only because it seems that she's being set up as our new "tech guy" on the team. I wouldn't reveal it to anyone else, there are aready to many people that know who Batman really is.

  • I don’t think they make a decision for Bruce to reveal to John.

  • I'll reveal my identity to everyone, given the option. =D Just for the look on their faces. Totally worth it.

  • I revealed Bruce’s identity to Tiffany, if given the option to reveal myself to Gordon I would do so. Now John is a whole other story, he may seem trustworthy but he’s surrounded by people who have so much power over him he’s so vulnerable to manipulation. If he was to show the first sign of hiding something Harley would pick up on it and pressure him until he breaks and then Bruce is fucked.

  • I hate Tiffany, I would never show myself to her. This also caused conflict between Bruce and Alfred aswell but he needed to learn to respect my choices.

  • Tiffany only if she works for me but i did it anyway because Alfred told me. Gordon yes. Joker no, he is unpredictable but he proved he can keep the secret.

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