Never Eat Salty Watermelon- An Interactive TWD Fanfic Coming 11/12

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(Not much to say. Slice of life original story that takes place during the apocalypse. More will be revealed as the story goes on. Stars a Japanese American family making their way through the outbreak and onward. Primarily influenced by When the Emperor Was Divine. Submit a character, setting, or general idea here.)
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Her feet were sore. The little boots that mama had packed did not match Emi's growing feet. "How much longer will the traps take to set, Ichiro?" She asked her older brother cautiously. Emi's stomach was in desperate need of nutrients, but she understood the need of caution in dealing with the exhausted teenager.
Ichiro gingerly wiped the sweat from his brow. His long black hair was matted to his forehead, clinging on for dear life. Although the fifteen-year-old's eyes were clearly worn- out and unamused, he reached down and rustled Emi's recently shortened hair. "Soon, imoutu, very soon. May you fetch Kenjiro? I'm going to need some help with this last bit..."
Suddenly, Emi heard a groaning coming from the bushes off to her right. "Shibito," the girl whispered gingerly.
Ichiro nodded. "You should run and fetch father-" Ichiro stopped when he noticed Emi's turtle socks. "Where are your shoes?" He inquired, brow furrowing.
Emi stood and shrugged.
Ichiro nodded and gave his younger sister a gesture that seemed to mean stay back. He cautiously grabbed the snare, his fingers moving quickly like a fox. As the Shibito approached, the boy prepared the snare in his hands to throw it over the creature's thick neck. Emi could see his concentration. One incorrect move and it would all be over.
Stay tuned for Episode 1, "Dog Eat Dog." Be prepared to influence the story with choice- based decisions.


  • "Dog Eat Dog"
    Part 1 coming 11/2
    Part 2 coming 11/5
    Part 3 coming 11/8
    Part 4 coming 11/9
    Part 5 coming 11/11
    This series is planned to be 5 episodes long. If it achieves enough popularity, it will be followed by To the Bone and another sequel before November lets out.

  • This series has been postponed to 11/8 due to personal complications. My apologies.

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