10 things you love about The Walking Dead.

This forum likes to give TWDG some shit. I think it's time we express our gratitude to Telltale for creating this mostly fantastic series.
10. It's never afraid to do a complete 360 and suprise the fans, no matter how much they may hate it.
9. Most of your choices do in fact matter (besides the latter half of S2).
8. S2, in my opinion, managed to improve on S1.
7. Clementine behaves like an actual child. Edginess is just part of growing up.
6. Luke's death satisfied me and made me cry at the same time.
5. The writing in S1 (especially E2 and E3) was on par with an academy award winning movie.
4. The villains are realistic and refreshing.
3. It makes me fall in love with a new cast each season, even though I know they won't last very long.
2. The way the story is written makes a second enjoyable playthrough impossible. This creates a feeling of authenticity.
1. No matter how bad S3 upset me, I'm still begging for more. I'm that immersed in the story.



    1. I can identify with characters like Ben and Sarah.
    2. Season One is one of my favorite games of all time.
    3. I cried at Lee's death several times.
    4. Paige
    5. Lilly and Christa were written well enough that I want to see them come back despite the focus on action in the newer seasons.
    6. My desire to see Telltale's Walking Dead characters on a Nintendo system is massive.
    7. Clem has (mostly) had cool outfits.
    8. It inspired that "Best I Can" song.
    9. Omid was funny.
    10. Several major POCs are depicted realistically and without stereotype.
    1. FEELS
    2. Season 1 had realistic characters, both likable and not
    3. The atmosphere is amazing
    4. I loved all the credits song in Season 2
    5. Playing as a child in ZA was a unique experience
    6. "Alive Inside" and "Take Us Back" make me cry whenever I hear them
    7. You can take so many good quotes fromt this games
    8. No one is safe - and it always keeps you on the edge of your seat
    9. 400 days was a fresh and original DLC
    10. I love how this game is both serious story and also pure meme material
  • That's something I forgot to mention. The music is fantastic.

    * FEELS * Season 1 had realistic characters, both likable and not * The atmosphere is amazing * I loved all the credits song in Season 2

  • 1: The characters are incredible, you can really relate to them.
    2: The story of Clementine and the world around her, is gripping and intense and it always makes you want more.
    3: The emotions, this goes back to my first point, but this games really hit's you hard, especially when one of your favourite characters die.
    4: The Soundtrack, I adore the soundtrack, there are so many good songs.
    5: The attention, you can never let your guard down in the Walking Dead you may be talking to a character and BANG, the character drops dead. (You know who i'm referring to)
    6: The community, I think the majority of the community are nice people and they are good to talk to.
    7: The art style, when I first played the Walking Dead, it took me awhile to adjust t the graphics, but I love the comic look style of the games.
    8: The continuation, I want to consume as much Walking Dead as I can, it's just a shame the games are coming to an end.
    9: Easter Eggs, I love exploring different dialogue and seeing how characters act towards you when you make choices.
    10: Replaying the games never get's old.

    1. Clementine
    2. Music
    3. Choices make you feel like you're in that situation in real life.
    4. Dark story
    5. Amazing story
    6. Makes you care about the characters (most of them)
    7. Makes me jump up and down every time a new episode comes out
    8. Made me get a few friends
    9. Great villains
    10. Realistic atmosphere
    1. The community :)
    2. Season 1's music
    3. Lee and Clementine's dynamic
    4. Feels
    5. Season 1's characters
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