Who's your favourite Big Bad from a Telltale Game?

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I'm curious to know who everyone's favourite main antagonist from a Telltale Game is and why you think they're a good villain.



  • I would say it's a tie between the Stranger from TWD S1 and the Crooked Man from Wolf.

    I like the interesting motivations of the Crooked Man, and the way the Stranger was inplemented in Dead Season 1 was a really interesting and cool way to illuminate how even seemingly unsuspect choices such as robbing the car can have startling consequences.

  • The crooked man from wolf.

  • I thought Carver from season 2 presented an interesting villain if they had just explored him some more, namely the idea that Clementine being a survivor like she is, she could either align herself with the "weaker" cabin crew, or align herself with Carver, too bad that never happened

  • Cassie Rose from Minecraft: Story Mode.

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    The Riddler or Handsome Jack. Hard to choose.

  • I just love the St Johns because they're a character that's not like another (in TWD game) and 102 is still my favorite episode of the series. I just find them so intriguing and I love to hate them!

  • Handsome jack

  • Handsome Jack. And the Crooked Man is a second favourite.

  • Crooked Man.

  • I would say Handsome Jack.

  • Handsome Jack and the Crooked Man.

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    Handsome Jack and the St. Johns.

    Sounds like some indie christian rock band.

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    (Batman spoilers)

    It'd have to be either John Doe or the Handsome Jack AI.

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