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Hey everyone,
I've been meaning to write something to the Guardians gang for a while now, but with the holidays and new projects, time seemed to be a fickle thing. But I've got some minutes to kill, so I'm finally getting around to this.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who played through Guardians! Myself and the rest of the team really could not have done this without you. We really appreciate your love for these characters, and your willingness to see them through to their happy(ish) end.
I also wanted to say a personal thank you: Episode 5 was my first foray as an episode lead, and even though I had spent a lot of time with these space jerks across the season, I was incredibly nervous to wrap our story up. We had crazy deadlines, and two branches that effected nearly every single scene. It was a lot of work to take on. But seeing how fans anticipated to see this story through really helped us work as hard as possible to create a worthy ending for this story.
So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sticking with us. It was one hell of a crazy ride, but it was a blast sharing it with you all. I hope you guys had as much fun playing Guardians as we did making it.

Stay Awesome,

~Jess Krause


  • No, thank you and your team! You guys are really passionate about the work you've done, and it shows! The added backstories we haven't seen on the silver screen, the depth of emotion present in all Guardians, the devotion to the Telltale formula and the amount of branching that was put in is really appreciated, and something I think other teams should look up to.
    You guys have truly given us a special Guardians experience all your own, and I'm glad you seem to be happy with the final product.
    It may not have been anything great sales-wise, it may not have been as widely recognised as you'd hoped, and it may not have been everyone's cup of tea, but none of that ever stopped you people.

    "Big things come in small packages", of course. And in my opinion, this game is precisely that. It beat the odds when so many have said there was nothing special about it. I really think they should look again.

    You and the Guardians team have gratefully earned this like.

    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've praised this game to hell and back, I know. I love this game, people. You cannot stop me. I must keep the dream alive!)
  • No, thank YOU and the rest of the Guardians team for making such an incredible game! It was Ep. 5 actually that really made me decide this would be my favorite Telltale game. The way you and the rest of the team handled choices this season along with their consequences was top notch, and I loved absolutely every single character you guys introduced.

    So thank you so much for making this game for me and the rest of the Guardians fans out there. Here's to hoping a season 2 is in your future!

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    No Thank You and to the rest of the Guardians team for making an Outstanding game of Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale series. When I finished Episode 1 to Episode 5 I decided that the game is one of my favourite games and my pick of The best games in 2017, the way you and the team made the choices and consequences are accurate, and I 100% love the characters as well.

    And thanks again for making Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale series happen you and the team are the best, keep doing a great job, Here’s hoping that Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale series season 2 in Telltale’s and your future.

  • Thank you for making the game it's well in my opinion the best game I've ever played I really hope you guys make a session 2

  • Like the others, i say no thank you for giving us this great game. the only telltale game that i have played through more then once. hope to se a season 2 :smiley:

  • Thanks for making this game. We saw you ppl put heart in it. I really like it, but sadly it didnt have enough attention imo so its not so popular like TWD/Batman...

  • No, thank you! It's really clear that Guardians was made with a lot of passion from the staff, and it shows. The treatment of determinant characters, the spirit, the characters' vitality, the possible variations in the story...

    Really, thank You and the rest of the team.

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    I agree with many of the other users that this game was amazing I really enjoyed it and wanted to say Thank You to the TellTale Team and Congratulations on this game for being one of the best TellTale Games I have ever played!! :smiley:

  • Guardians has been great and I can't wait for more. Please give us season 2

    And maybe a Spider-Man game that starts with his origins

  • I hope they make a Season 2 to Guardians of the Galaxy!!!! It has some of the best story telling ever if only TellTale had better marketing this game would be one of their best selling games!

    SilentmanX posted: »

    Guardians has been great and I can't wait for more. Please give us season 2 And maybe a Spider-Man game that starts with his origins

  • Congrats, I would love a Season 2 as well so I hope it happens (along with more Telltale Marvel games).

    (Also I am mentally crafting a Telltale Spidey game so maybe you can get some inspiration? LOL.)

  • No, Thank you. This game was easily better than any of the other telltale games i played. I used to be in love with MCSM, but that changed now because of this game. I loved this game. :smiley:

  • Thank You, this game is one of my all time favs of TellTale and the last episode was the best! Not gonna lie I loved my ending and it was exactly what I wanted to happen!! Season 2?

  • No, thank you and the rest of the Guardians team for creating a truly great season, I loved every second of it and really hope there's a chance for a second season in the horizon. Again, thank you guys and congrats to you all.

  • Thank you! It's really clear that Guardians was made with a lot of passion from the staff. Is Season 2 possible?

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