The walking dead michonne? Why not a sequel?

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Why is there no sequel to The walking dead Michonne
and yea i know that is mini series but why not full series i really like that series but sadly its short
pls telltale make more of Michonne series



  • Because there is already a sequel to it.

    The comics.

  • A Sequel would be pretty pointless and if you want more michonne, then read the comics

  • There is no real point to it like everyone already said. Also Michonne wasnt really the best thing Telltale has ever done so I dont see it really even deserving a continuation at all.

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  • Just like Michonne said not everyone deserves saving. Likewise not everything deserves sequel.

  • Michonne was probably the best story in TWD since S1....but the episodes were short and people complained it took away from the main story as they had nothing in common. I found it to be very enjoyable, with the best combat the series has ever had.

    It was dark and gritty, with characters that were in shades of gray, not black and white good guys and bad. I also think the entire Michonne talking to her kids was hard to take for those who only know the character from the TV series.

  • I enjoyed everything about the mini series except the fact that we played as plot armored Michonne. I dont think it sold well enough to warrant a sequel though.

  • Your best hope for a continuation is a possible return of the Fairbank family in The Final Season. If it's only Michonne that you care about the comics are probably what you want.

  • The Michonne mini series was pretty good in my opinion. But I don’t think we will be getting a sequel considering it justs a tie into later comic arcs.

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