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Alright guys, here are the winners!

Best Overall
Winner - The Walking Dead 31.8%
Runner up- Tales From The Borderlands 25.4%

My take - Yeah, I saw this coming from miles away. I was suprised at how well Batman did and also at how poorly the Minecraft games did. The MCSM games are great and all but don't really match up with TWD and TFTB to me. It seems the MCSM fans are an endangered species on the telltale forums

Best Choices
Winner - Tales From The Borderlands 41.2%
Runner Up - Batman: The Enemy Within 35.2%

My take - I think Borderlands mainly won this due to the ep 5 choice where you (Spoilers) assemble your vault team. However I think the ending choice of ep 2 and the ending choice of ep 4 supported this. I really wish Guardians of the Galaxy did better on this, the ep 3 ending choice changed so much in that game. Batman 2 probably would've won this if I waited until episode 5 released.

Worst Choices
"Winner" - The Walking Dead: Michonne 34.4%
Runner Up - Game of Thrones 29.3%

My take - I'm suprised how MCSM S2 and Batman weren't the top 2, they're both great games, but neither had their story "tailored by how you play."

**Best Finale **
Winner - The Walking Dead 56.8%
Runner Up - Tales From The Borderlands 26.6%

My take - I saw this one coming. I also get why MCSM S2 E5 got so few votes in this. That episode had a great ending choice and last minute but the rest of the episode barely competes with TWD S1 E5.

Worst Finale
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 46.7%
Minecraft: Story Mode (Season One) 30.9%

My take - This one is kinda funny to me. TWD ANF E5 had an amazing ending but was a terrible episode, and MCSM E8 was an amazing episode with a terrible ending.

Best Voice Actor
Winner - John Doe/ Anthony Ingrauber 23.3%
Runner Up - Rhys+Bruce Wayne/ Troy Baker 16.5%

My take- This one was a bit unfair since Adam Harrington and Scott Porter were added late, but Anthony still would have won by a landslide regardless of what happened. I actually though Scott would get much more votes considering Luke is a TWD fan favorite and Lukas is a MCSM fan favorite.

Best Episode 1
Winner - Tales From The Borderlands - 44.6%
Runner Up - The Walking Dead - 31.9%

My thoughts- I think the reason GOTG did so badly in this category was because even though it was a good standalone episode, it did little to make you want to come back in the way TFTB and TWD did. All 5 nominees had great debut episodes however.

Worst Episode 1
"Winner" - The Walking Dead: Michonne 35.3%
Runner Up - Game of Thrones 23.7%

My thoughts - Okay, so I must have gotten 10 comments/ pms about TWD S2 E1 being nominated for this category. So let me clear up why I nominated it. I thought the first and last choices were the weakest in the series.


Best Choices (TOP 5)
1.) Let Lee Turn/ Shoot Him (47.5%)
2.) Save Asher/ Save Rodrik (33.1%)
3.) Shoot Kenny/Look Away (31.3%)
4.) Villain/ Vigilante Joker (30%)
5.) Choosing Your Vault Team (18.1%)

If you work at Telltale and are reading this: PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO THE NARRATIVE DESIGNERS

Here's what Telltale Can Take Away From This - The best choices are the ones that leave us thinking for days-months after we finish the episodes. Not many of us cared if you told Jack to be himself or not. Those kind of choices change 45 seconds of gameplay, even if they are funny or amusing they don't impact us. We cared about these choices because the first 3 made us cry, the Joker made us regret and rethink our decisions while affected almost all of the games finale, choosing our vault team let us choose our favorite characters to be part of a memorable games even more memorable finale.

Some choices that the data showed people tended to like were

"Pick Your Poison" Choices (Save person A or person B)

Ex: Trust Jack or Fiona, Save Carley or Doug, Sit With Luke or Kenny

Choices that affect the ending of the game and leave a strong impression on the player once the final image comes on. (Writers: Think of Save The Cat)

Ex: Let Lee Turn/ Shoot Him, Stay In Beacontown/ Hit the Road, Go After Her/ Let Her Go

Well Thanks for reading all of this guys! If you made it this far be sure to comment your thoughts! Here are the full results


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    Wow, Guardians was last on the "Best Choices Overall" question. Really? That's totally not true, don't believe this poll.

    The "Worst Choices Overall" winner surprises me. I voted for Game of Thrones. The problem with me is just.. not many of those choices really stuck with me apart from that final EP5 choice. Many of the paths were forced on you, or quickly ignored for the other option due to plot requirements. There were good emotion-evoking choices in that one, and some of the ones I vividly remember were the ones involving the invading Whitehills (do you submit to their power, or rebel: endangering yours and your townspeople's lives?). But, a lot of the choices didn't have as big a payoff as I expected, I guess.
    Michonne being first is a big surprise. I'm happy with what we got in the game overall, and there were some good instances of branching throughout, but most notably for the final episode.

    For worst episode 1 I'm (again) surprised at Michonne. I voted Batman, as, while good, doesn't compare very well to the rest of the season, and is kind of boring to replay once you have the full picture. The first 20-30 minutes where you're taking down those thugs, and attending the party were great at first, but really made you long for the drama and intrigue (and stable) events that followed.. It's just pretty formulaic until Falcone shows up, (you've always got to go through that "Oh, and we're sorry about your parents who died 20 years ago" conversation, and doesn't offer many good choices until much later. The only notable one being about Harvey's slogan for his campaign.

    Overall, good list, but could be improved. (One point being the list should be set in stone since the start, as I see some additions that I would have gladly voted for -- even though it would have made no difference -- but they were added without my knowledge)
    As a tip, maybe offer a nomination list first for a vote, just to whittle the candidates down to those that people truly want, and to make some of the categories easier to choose if there's less.
    I know you kinda made this for fun, so it's all good.


    "Pick Your Poison" Choices (Save person A or person B)
    (Save person A or person B)
    person B)


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■



  • I still find it mystifying we had NO female actors on that list. Erin and Laura especially (though they also have had the awesome Ashy Burch of Chloe, Aloy and Cassie Cage fame to play Nebula, so props to that titaness of voice acting).

  • ANF would've probably won if ANF was on the "Worst Ep1" list (it should've been in there). A lot of these results are what I expected though give or take.

  • I knew MCSM wouldn't do well, because I'm one of the only fans still on here.?

  • I think MCSM is fine, it's only because it's so different to the others things TT works on that its core audience seems to dislike it. And I'm sure it has its fans. :)

  • Why does everyone hate Game of Thrones??!! :c

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