Create Your Own Telltale-Style Survival Scenarios (Details in description)

Think of any situation that a survivor could get into in the zombie apocalypse. Write the details of this scenario in your post. Now link a poll in your post from a site similar to this one and come up with as many ways that the survivor could react to the scenario as you can. Then write each one as an option in the poll. Almost like you are designing a choice in a Telltale game.

For example:

You are a lone wolf who has survived 3 months after the zombie infestation. On your person there is a holstered glock with 3 bullets in the magazine, a machete as well a handful of snacks and a half empty bottle of water in your backpack.

You have come upon a seemingly abandoned RV park. Motorhomes, caravans and the like are scattered around the area. You enter several only to be underwhelmed by the contents inside them. Upon entering the third motor home you are startled to find a sickly young man groaning softly while sitting slouched on the bed. The first thing you notice is the nasty bite wound on his left hand. His scleras have turned into a faint yellowish hue and his complexion has become ghostly pale. He slowly looks up at you, anguish clearly visible on his face. He eyes the gun in your holster, then looks back at you with defeat in his expression. "Kill me." He pleads. "Don't... Don't let me turn into one of them." You attempt to strike up a conversation but the man refuses to engage you. "Don't bother... wasting your time on me." He coughs violently. "Just get it over with."

You contemplate on what you should do next.


  • Fuck Wall Street. (The only scenario I've got :smiley: )

  • You’re in a group trying to reach safety in the midst of a cruel, bitter winter. Moral is low, deceasing further by the day with every can of Sweet Sue Whole Canned Chicken your fellow survivors consume. To top it off, you have an ingrowing toenail and have been wearing the same pair of underwear for over a week. You truly are at breaking point.

    Your group spots a cabin in the distance. It’s supposed to be long ways off, but the limitations of the game engine doesn’t allow for that, so it looks reachable in about 3 minutes. You could take the safe trail around, but the clown of your group suggests you should all risk crossing the frozen body of water to work on your ice skating and drowning skills. Your leader agrees.

    The theoretical clock is ticking and you need to pee. What do you do?

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