How do you feel about... all this?

With the first story details finally out and our... um... shinning new main cast revealed, what is you perspective on how Season 4 will do in terms of story quality? Do you find this an original, never before uncharted, and, most importantly, interesting setting? Do these characters look promising to you? How does it make you feel that the main cast seems to be fully constituted by teenagers, kids and toddlers?

And finally, did these news make you feel hyped and hopeful or rather skeptic and pessimistic?

Because it's certainly the latter for me.


  • I love the graphics and like i said in another thread they've been taking lessons from Life Is Strange apparently (in terms of gameplay)
    I don't really know how to feel for these characters yet but i hope it's good.
    Just my opinion.

  • I am confident it will turn out good despite the community thinking otherwise.........

  • Oh, I'm sure these wacky kids will get into all sorts of shenanigans. Bonus points if the credits song for every episode is "Parents Just Don't Understand"

    Yea, I'll just leave my expectations at rock bottom. Maybe it'll surprise if I get around to buying it.

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    I dig it. I also digged ANF so fuck me I guess pfft. Either way I'm looking forward to it, especially seeing how the new gameplay style ends up working as it seems like a great testing ground for what they plan to do with Unity.

  • I like the concept of Clem building relationships with other kids her age (who aren't just standing there or screwing things up) and having to learn to let herself go a little, I'm also happy they're aware that people want the things that worked in past games such as hubs in S1 and are working to bring it back and that they mentioned AJ/Clem's relationship will be different from Clem/Lee. Can't make up my mind on the story until I've actually played it but so far it looks ok.

  • I like it. It’s different than what TWD usually does. We’ve seen a group with only women but not a group with only kids, which can lead to loads of interactions with them and Clem.

    With that, all of this is happening in Ep1. We still have 4 other episodes to introduce new characters so it won’t be mainly about kids. My expectations are still low, though.

  • It's absolutely original. We've seen kids within adult groups but never a group of solely children. The adults suffering loss trope is overplayed, it will be refreshing to see kids who either grew up during the apocalypse or were born into it.

    In terms of gameplay, Telltale is promising more hubs/exploration and a satisfying conclusion to Clementines story. The gameplay looks much more fluid and all in all I'm very satisfied by what we have seen so far.

  • Pretty Good. I'm down.

  • I'm already more attached to these characters than the ones in ANF and I don't even know their personality, so I guess that's good (I mean, Ten just looks so precious, if he dies I swear.). But for real, I think the graphics look great (even if it's just the demo), the hubs are back (finally!) and I can't wait to see how the gameplay looks in the full version of the game.

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    It seems Telltale treated kids so badly in previous seasons that now the simple concept to have a kid is seen as a bad thing because all kids are the same or something. It'll be interesting to see how Telltale will manage to handle it with a cast composed mostly of kids. Hopefully it doesn't end up in another Sarah situation.

  • I can understand children leads being divisive among the community, but I've never had a problem with children characters. I'm only 21 so I can still remember how things worked for me as a kid and have no issue putting myself in their shoes. It's part of the reason I don't mind a lot of the children characters that the community despises. (Duck, Ben, Sarah, Gabe, etc).

    I'm sure there won't be only children in this season, but children given the focus is definitely a breath of fresh air. We got 3 seasons of adults trying to go through life int he apocalypse and 8 seasons of the show doing that. What would it look like if a team of orphans (assuming they are) had to deal with the apocalypse themselves. There are more kids left on their own just like Clem was after Lee died than we want to admit. This is one of those scenarios and I'm all for it.

    If all people can see is a "cast of Gabes" then might as well not even look at this when it drops in the game store. It's not for them.

    The only character I might not enjoy sounds like Marlon. He's got the edgy look and they described him as incredibly foul-mouthed, so if he's all talk and no substance, he'll be on my dislike list pretty quickly.

  • Really not liking it, but I'll have to see more.

  • Mixed emotions to say the least. My only doubt is the writing of all of this....I really want it to be a great experience agian :/

  • Feeling positive at the moment. Definitely looks like they're trying to do something different with this last one and the concept art looks pretty good. I guess we'll just have to see how they handle it really.

  • If they make it so these characters are together because they think only kids their own age can be trusted this game is going to be horrible no matter what they try to do. They need to be in a situation where they were forced into it (say for instance all the adults in a previous group they were in were killed off).

  • I'm honestly hopeful. I know others are particularly angry over it, worried we're going to get more crappy romance or some high school, Life is Strange level drama/cringe, but I really don't see that happening. Tackling the idea of how a group of kids have survived in a world like this has definitely been something that has crossed my mind a lot, so I think it's cool to see how Telltale will put their spin on it.

    I see this as more of a weird crossover between The Walking Dead and something like Lord of the Flies, kids and teenagers forced to fight and fend for themselves with no adults and see how they fair. This concept has a lot of potential as we see how these kids have been able to survive over several years of an apocalypse that has killed billions of people. And much like Lord of the Flies, I see this season tackling many of the same themes and issues present in the original novel.

    While I am worried about more possible romances, especially if they're going to be forced on us (but since we're playing as Clem, I think we'll have more liberty than ANF when we had no say with Gabe), these are kids in age only. I know this was a point addressed by Melissa in regards to Clem's personality in S2, but while they may be young physically, they're far older mentally. This isn't going to be a group of entirely Gabe's or Sarah's where they can't fend for themselves, this is going to be a group of people more like Clem. Exposed first hand to the world, forced to grow up and mature faster than what was expected of them, and suffer through hardships and tragedy that has ultimately defined who they have become and has allowed them to survive this long. Maybe not all of them will fit that mold (most notably that Ten kid), but I see that being a more likely possibility than just having a bunch of kids with no survival skills because they were being sheltered (Sarah) or acting like whiny brats (Gabe).

    So yeah, I do like the setting, I think it and the characters have a lot of potential, and I'm excited to see what Telltale has in store with it. The ideas are there, let's just hope the execution is good. While the overall press conference was disappointing because there was notable info not given, based on what we got, I'm excited.

  • At least a teenager being the most competent person in the group won’t be such an issue with this set up. While I’m not thrilled with them going with this set up they could have picked much duller setting for the story to take place. Bonus points if the kids all talk like the child tribe in Mad Max Betond Thunderdome, start calling her Captain Clem and ask her to take them to Tommorow Morrow land.

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    I wonder if the child/teen community will be similar to the child tribe in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome :p

    I see some people feeling unsure about it right now but the game is still in development so there could still be some tweaks in how it will play out and how their community will work, there could also be some adult characters that Telltale haven’t announced yet.

    I wasn’t a big fan of playing as Javier in ANF so playing as Clem again in TFS is something i’m looking forward to.

  • Marlon is also the one I'm most skeptical about. Based on his appearance alone, he seems like a cocky, overly physical, jock type kid. Very much like a Jack from Lord of the Flies (I know I'm making these comparisons a lot, but it's easily the most famous example of this, so I'm running with it), and that's not necessarily a recipe for a likable person. However, certain elements make it seem like he's a got a bit of Negan and Kenny thrown in, that just might save him for me. I guess we'll have to see when the season comes out.

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    I can understand children leads being divisive among the community, but I've never had a problem with children characters. I'm only 21 so I

  • OK so far I think that the story of Clem meeting a group of teen and kid survivors in a abandoned boarding school is a pretty unique idea. I also like the relationship idea that they have for Clem about multiple romance options similar to Mass Effect and Life is Strange. I really hope that the new gameplay style will make the game much better because I know some people might be a bit intimidated by the new gameplay style but I like it because it plays like newer adventure games like The Council and Life is Strange! :smiley:

  • I for one love what Telltale is doing here. A community made entirely of children and teenagers is a great idea, and actually surprises me we haven't seen this done before in TWD! The new camera angle is a little weird though, but I'm sure I'll get used to it over time.

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    It's... strange?

    I like that it doesn't seem to be trying to recreate Season 1 and a main cast of teens and children is certainly a bold choice but... Is that really a good thing? I'm not going to write it off as a terrible decision this early on but if I'm being honest the style and design choices of what was shown does make me a little uneasy. I'll wait until we at least get a public trailer on the game to make a solid judgement on it though.

  • Get your Children of the Corn movies out and start rewatching them over the next few months. Lol. I don't think I have seen any of those movies.

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    I am also ok with this if the story is Clem helping these kids save a Community Center with Break Dancing.

  • You know the more I think about it the more I'm actually starting to dig it. I still can't make any critical judgements but I get the feeling they really did take a lot of the feedback we gave into consideration when making the game (even if we might not be happy with the result.) I'm looking forward to The Final Season :smile:

  • I think it's unique because I think it would be cool to see Clementine be a kid again.

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    I say let that tainted?_ light shinn!_

    But in all seriousness, I've always thought something vaguely like this was somewhat natural conceptually considering Clementine. I'm not exactly sure where the story will be going, especially after learning about the boarding school, but I will say the setup around these characters is pretty damn bold. I guess the one minute hangup with it initially was the fact that it feels very overdue and possibly "too little, too late," as the stubbornpettier fanbases like to say.

    So yes, I can kinda say it's a good premise. I said Telltale would have to have something really eyecatching for me to give much of a shit at this point and they pulled a fairly obvious yet wild Darkhorse out ..

  • Oh wow, that's dated. Where's my cane?

    Oh, I'm sure these wacky kids will get into all sorts of shenanigans. Bonus points if the credits song for every episode is "Parents Just Do

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