The Walking Dead The Final Season Concept Art from Skybound livestream

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Here is some concept art of what was shown at the Pax event and Skybound livestream. There was an exclusive 4 minute video of TFS but the video was not shown on the livestream unfortunately. The footage was only for those in person at the event. People who were at the event said that anyone who was not there did not miss much. TFS will start at a boarding school and Clementine will be in a group of children close to her age. Some of the children will be less mature than Clementine is. In the Skybound livestream Clementine in the game can let herself go and act like a kid with the other children for a time. The was also art shown of Javier and Clem in ANF. It is yet to be seen when Javier and any of his family will appear in TFS. Aj is also not shown in any of the art and I am not sure if Clem will be with Aj at the start of TFS. There was a leak of footage shown at the Pax event but the footage is less than a minute long. The gameplay will be from a thrid person point of view like Life is Strange and the game will focus more on exploration.

Clementine is said to be afraid of dogs in TFS.
This picture is from a demo of the two characters standing without speaking.
The relationship between Clementine and Aj will be different from Lee and Clementine.
Javier and Clementine in ANF
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