Anyone think the Tech Demo footage sorta plays like Life is Strange?

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I was getting that sort of vibe from it when I saw the free roam camera there and the reticle gone.

For anyone who doesn't know what I mean:

I really like the new gameplay style and it's giving me faith for season four. I kinda hope there's more exploration and puzzles and stuff.



  • Yes and i think that's great,it's a big improvement,you get more freedom just like in Life Is Strange this looks promising.

  • I'll miss you reticle...we had such good times.

    Point and Click reticle 2005-2018

  • The gameplay tech demo gives me hope that if nothing else, the gameplay will be a bit more interactive than before, imagine if you'd have to for example clear a house, and depending on how careful and thorough you went about it, some of your people or yourself could get hurt.

    I am kinda hopeful for this season (though perhaps foolishly, considering we have barely seen anything)

  • Yes but like the idea of gameplay being from a 3rd person view. You have more freedom to see the environments unlike previous games with fixed camera angles that restrict your view.

  • I really it, I think it fits well with the season and gameplay so far. Plus it's different from previous seasons which is a plus.

  • Well if they were going to incorporate something from LiS, I'm glad it's just that.

    While the fixed camera was never something I had a problem with, I'm definitely open to this change. It feels a lot more interactive and adds something new to not just the series, but Telltale's gameplay as a whole. This could eventually work itself into some of the future Telltale games if fans end up liking this (which, based on early reaction, seems like they do).

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