Should Telltale bring back the "rewind" to The Final Season?

In both Season 1 and Season 2 there was the ability to rewind in your story. I absolutely loved that because if my finger slipped or I made a choice that I though was going to be something different I could just rewind. In Season 3 they made it so if you did not force quit your game you would have to restart the entire episode to fix the choice you did not mean to make. Did you feel it made it made the game more fluid not having a rewind, or did you enjoy the rewind?


  • Absolutely. One of the best things about using the rewind was the fact that even if we didn't really want to alter the bigger choices that we got to make, it also let you go through many of the different dialogue options without having to restart the entire episode. Taking it out really didn't make me wanna go back to any of the ANF episodes since doing so just felt tedious after a while.

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