What are some things you do/don't want in Season 4?

For me, I want to see a much longer story, since this will supposedly be their last game.


  • I'm probably gonna have to track down what I've already said.

  • Christa's and Lilly's story must be explained if nothing else.

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    Okay, here's a bunch of (potentially outdated/obsolete) stuff I've said previously copy n' pasted here. Scroll through, consume, and reply at your own peril, past the bolted doors...


    • Proper characterization for Alvin Rebecca Carver Jr.
    • Expansion on what happened with AJ during his time with the New Frontier and McCaroll's Ranch, as well as how that influences his interactions with Clementine
    • Fleshed out characters with a healthy amount of backstory, development, and fun facts
    • Lily, if there's anyway they can make her fit in a relatively major way
    • Adam and Danielle
    • Proper fight scene(s) for Clementine
    • A Congratulations type sequence.
    • A Where are they Now
    • A mini encyclopedia on previous characters and locations, with bonus information(like dates of birth, other family members, how they got where they were upon introduction) not provided by their games
    • Commune with the spirits of people from her past for guidance?
    • McCarol Raunch.
    • Boss Walker
    • A foreign race we haven't see yet
    • A kid/youth villain that actually gets chances to flex
    • Flashbacks and/or references to underappreciated and/or lesser shoecased characters*
    • A proper evil counterpart for Clementine.
    • A dark skinned Boer with turquoise eyes.
    • A female character that strikes a comfortable balance of being likable, capable, and interesting without falling too much into the usual two/three categories.
    • In fact, if we could get Lilly, Kate, and/or Christa back and kicking a moderate amount, that'd be nice.
    • Another kid/youth character that actually manages to be well-liked, bring something truly new to the table(Ergo, no more pointless Mariannas), and/or makes it through for once.
    • A morally grey/ambiguous villain/villainess that's actually seen all the way through. In fact, a Heel-Face Turn would be a lovely change of pace with or without this.
    • A [anti-]villainous kid/youth that gets a fair amount of legit focus/screentime this time.
    • More diversity in the rogue's galllery--basically, villains that aren't just Evil White Man #356.

    • If you're gonna take inspiration from (or at worst, outright clone) someone, how bout doing some characters that didn't get a lot of spotlight? Fuck Lee, Kenny, Molly, Kenny, and Nate and let's go for some Christa's or Vernon's or Tavia's or Pete's/Carlos's(damn you, Tripp) or Gabby's, etc.

    • And more importantly, give us Ed and Diana. You know I'm right.
    • A boy character that's significantly younger than Clementine currently is.
    • I felt having some characters do a Heel-Face Turn would capitalize on how morally ambiguous the conflicts tend to be, have antagonists who clearly aren't just the obligatory monster of the week openly embrace their positive traits, and cut back on the bleaker attitudes towards character life in general. We have had a few characters fit this criteria in the past, but most of them either weren't very antagonistic to begin with, had their antagonism downplayed/removed to the point of rendering the point null, or as of late never really getting to take their position due to flat out disappearing from the story.
    • One conflict I thought should've been utilized at some point is the concept of rival/competing groups. While there are a handful of exceptions and nonconformists out there, most survivors prefer to band together into organized groups that increase each person's odd's of survival and look out for each other. And while there are thankfully cases where two different groups can interact and even work together for a common goal, but at their core, everyone is primarily out to protect them and theirs. So naturally, there are bound to be bouts of occasional confusion and dispute between two separate units with a conflict or even similar objective, perhaps with one or two people between the groups wanting to achieve unity or at least find a way to co-exist without needing to kill each other. It would make for an interesting showcase of what is essentially gang mentality that the main characters would have to either tread on thin ice to avoid unnecessary bloodshed or, if it really comes down to it, be able to do what is necessary to ensure their groups survival. It's a great format for which an increasingly level/tense grey/gray conflict could be developed that hasn't really been sustantially done yet. Though each subsequent Season/installment choosing different settlements with varying levels of corrupt leadership isn't an inherently flawed premise to focus on, it has unfortunately played a fairly large part in preventing such an rudimentary setup in an apocalypse from being explored. In fact, it's actually an example of where I felt Arvo and the Russian Group were wasted characters with one or three potential plot points.
    • I think these games really could've benefited making things feel less like competitions for the sake of controversy and more like legitimately clashing viewpoints of realistic, complicated individuals that occasionally invites other members of the group to feel conflicted and/or pick sides based on individual preferences. Another Franchise Original Sin is the tendency for the writing/storytelling direction to overly favor one side over the other. It's an issue that gets worse and more transparent with each installment and one that can be solved by actually giving both sides equal chances via strengths, weaknesses, and commonalities that flesh both out as that come into conflict with each other.
    • A personal antagonist for Clementine along the lines of characters like The Stranger, Carver, and in a way Arvo, Norma, or David in terms of thematic significance or character comparison. Perhaps a somewhat effeminate boy to counter her tomboyish getup.

    Don't Want

    • Yet Another Angry Dad Climax.
    • As a matter of fact, Angry Dad's period. (I was gonna say "---unless they stay side characters," but I don't trust em).
    • While we're at it, let's try not to just fall back on hicks in general, okay?(Yes, that includes Luke, unfortunately) Offend someone else for a change, K?
    • Kenny, outside of maybe a brief cameo with other characters
    • Romance
    • Another one-note, falsifying, or irredeemable villain.
    • More controversial racism, ableism, or sexism.
    • [Blatant] Creative Favoritism
    • Backtracking on major story points
    • Misaimed Pandering
    • Rape scene
    • ANF!Clementine(and maybe Violet, for that matter) will just be an insufferably dull girl power character with little to no actual personal challenges, tough obstacles, and legitimate threats.Also, that she won't catch a good beat down and maybe die.
  • I just want my choices to matter lol

  • I just want this game to not be like A New Frontier.

  • Yes, this should totally focus on Clem.

    I just want this game to not be like A New Frontier.

  • Want: Christa/Lilly, flashbacks, choices mattering, appropriate disabled/LGBT rep (I'm not saying they have to survive), good story/execution, Switch version, rewind. Preferably but not necessarily new music instead of a recycled soundtrack.

    Do not want: Kenny/Jane being the only flashback/returning characters, choice bugs, lies from staff, lack of behind-the-scenes content, physical edition works poorly, stuff I probably can't remember.

  • Mention of Lee, but no flashback unless it's just his voice.

  • More controversial racism, ableism, or sexism.

    Why? All these controversial topics have appeared in every form of TWD. I’m not for them, however; haveing these controversies in TWD completely makes sense because they would undoubtedly be brought up in an apocalypse with no laws and stable society.

    Rape scene

    Again, something that would realistically be in the apocalypse. Both of these things obviously project negative and disgusting vibes, but TWD is negative and disgusting sometimes.

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    Okay, here's a bunch of (potentially outdated/obsolete) stuff I've said previously copy n' pasted here. Scroll through, consume, and reply a

  • To the first thing, I meant in terms of writing/reception undertones.

    More controversial racism, ableism, or sexism. Why? All these controversial topics have appeared in every form of TWD. I’m not for t

  • I just want the feels back.......

  • Yeah, for sure. That awesome feelings of S1, of Wellington ending, meeting Kenny in S2. All things we love in TWD. This is damn last game about Clementine, so let it be as brilliant and heart wrenching as first two seasons...

  • Same, I feel like Telltale could actually make us feel for new characters again if they introduced them to the protagonist(the player) from scratch, with time to get closer and comfortable with, and not from a preexisting relationship, like the one Javi had with Kate and Gabe. We need characters we meet along the way rather than ones that have history
    with the protagonist from the start of the game.

    I just want the feels back.......

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    The conveyance of time and character development also helps you feel for the characters more when they are taken from you. In ANF, there is a 5 year time skip that ranges from before the apocalypse all the way to "Ties That Bind-Part 1". From that point on, the events that took place felt like they happened all within 5 days, and didn't do a good job at showing how much time had actually passed. People don't always change, but getting to know them better as they open up with the passage of time helps you get closer and learn new things about them, with the possibility of developing a liking towards them. Learning that Clementine became somewhat of a cut-throat kind of person showed development, but that's only because we knew she wasn't like that in the previous games. Towards the end of ANF, there was nothing I had learned about anyone that I didn't already know from the beginning. Not saying Telltale can't make likable characters anymore, but if they were trying to get me to like any of them, it didn't really work. At most, I liked Tripp and Conrad at brief moments where they either said or did something amusing, but not enough to care for their demise.I'd rate it 2.5/5.

  • It'd be great to see an evil counterpart for clementine. Not that she was evil or anything, but I always saw Becca as clementine's opposite, especially after the two of them made their first encounter. Would've been nice to see more of them in the same space.

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    Okay, here's a bunch of (potentially outdated/obsolete) stuff I've said previously copy n' pasted here. Scroll through, consume, and reply a

  • Unfortunately, that time has since past and Becca's reason for existing was rendered obsolete with ANF.

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    It'd be great to see an evil counterpart for clementine. Not that she was evil or anything, but I always saw Becca as clementine's opposite,

  • I want an ending for Clementine that is just as screwed up as Season one ending was. I want to feel depressed by the end again or bittersweet atleast.

  • Do Want:
    - 2 hour long episodes
    - Hubs
    - Better character development
    - Impactful choices
    - Unique dialogue options based on previous season(s) choices
    - Have S1, S2, and ANF choices impact the season.
    - Determinant Relationship
    - One single ending
    - Return of any character(s) from previous seasons
    - Comic character cameos
    - A foil (aka opposite) for Clementine
    - A good villain

    Don’t Want:
    - Action every 2 minutes
    - Forced Romances
    - Joan or Clint returning
    - Flashbacks (unless it contributes to story)
    - Many endings
    - Pointless character deaths
    - New Richmond

  • Bring back puzzles

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