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With the progression of Telltale's TWD series, the reviews and ratings haven't been the same since season 1. Do you guys think TWD is losing its popularity? Will Telltale's player base decrease as the TWD ends? Is Telltale digging its own grave by ending it all with the final season? Will their future releases keep them safe?


  • Season one was... pretty special. It was a new thing for Telltale, and it ended up spurring like... a whole new category of games. Most people didn't have high hopes for a game based on a TV show because, let's face it... rarely do those sorts of things go well. But TWD surprised people. It was good, engaging, and something unique at the time. Season two... didn't quite live up to expectations, and neither did season three, but there's a reason people have kept coming back. Yeah, it's mostly Clem. Post Walking Dead, Telltale has only made games in that similar style, trying to replicate the success of season one. And it hasn't worked, because season one was special. Once TWD concludes, Telltale's got two options. They can keep making games like the ones they've made since the Walking Dead, and fans can slowly leave them. Sure, some people will stay, and some new people will discover them. But to stay relevant? They've gotta do something new. Season one was so successful, and so influential, because it was different. To truly replicate that success, you don't keep with the same cookie cutter formula. You continue to make stuff that's different. So in my humble opinion? It could go either way. It's really up to Telltale.

  • It's just people being melodramatic, incessant, and hoity toity about TWDG being what Telltale is the most well known for.

  • It really just pisses me off. Clearly a case of very entitled people believing the Walking Dead is the only series that matters.

  • I agree with AgentZ46. TWD may be their most lucrative product, but as a company, you have to be willing to expand and take risks. If Telltale thinks they've run out of story for Clem, then it's best if they move on rather than issue an inferior product that will leave a bad taste for ANYTHING Telltale in their clients' mouths.

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