Fan fiction regarding The Walking Dead

Title says it all! Create your own story for anything TWD. It can be about:
- existing characters with a new/edited story
- created characters whose story connects with original characters
- custom made backstories for your favorites
- the cause of the outbreak
- scenes that you might've wanted to go differently
- custom episodes you wish were in any of the seasons
-etc. etc. etc. :D

Also, feel free to share any ideas no matter how far fetched, unlikely, or crazy they may seem. Be creative as possible. Let out your inner story teller :)


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    Just to get the story telling ball rolling,I'll start first.
    In one of my comments from a different thread, I've come up with this idea as to what caused the apocalypse, and how it was done so.

    With it's origins lying beyond all time and space, an otherworldly entity had spawned in their universe.It's very existence warps reality itself, where anything is subject to change.

    With that quote, I imagine this "entity", having manifested a being, named "Ɔlementine Negative", that lives without breath, a beating heart, and doesn't bleed. "She" is a sociopath whose thoughts are psychotic, her intentions nefarious, and her mind twisted, whose only function by nature is to ruin Clementines life by any means without rest. My question for you is how do you think the original Clementine would respond in an encounter with Ɔlementine? Do you think she'd be able to escape her? Should she try to fight her off? What if Ɔlementine came after her friends/loved ones just to get to her?

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    • scenes that you might've wanted to go differently

    Like say if Nobody Went After Gabe in From the Gallows he would Miraculously survive. Javier would find him tearing into a Walker with a bloodied glass shard before angrily saying "Still...Not...Bitten." Lightening Flashes. Gabe's voice gets a little gravelly. "I'm still not bitten and you left me to DIE!" Depending on what you told Gabe in Episode 3, if you told him that Clem isn't a fan of David, he'd remember that and tell Clem "You and Me...are Finished." Then he walks away.

  • eh, I'd like to have an all-out war against the adult faction in season 4, we might even have to kill Lily or Christa in front of AJ if they do return. Ya know, going after each of the enemies one by one in the school, just like in Starved For Help, whilst the place is getting overrun with walkers and eventually falls. Then Marlon shouts at Clem, distraught over what happened whilst you try to lift the rubble and find out that Rosie got stuck under something and died. I don't want Marlon to be cliche, so I think he'll get over it, but it will have long lasting effects and even strengthen the bond between him and Clem, because she does something that makes the structure fall in order to save AJ. he'll come to understand that.

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