Complaints that I often hear and my opinions on some stuff

Now that was a crap title, I know. But let's do theyss.
1. Complaints regarding episode length - this is real annoying. Season 1 wasn't actually that long, everyone knows this, but telltale should really understand that they can get away with 2 hour episode length by doing this. Like come on! The sheer amount of puzzles and hub sections is what made season one episodes so long. This is a given, so not to worry, they've confirmed it, don't complain. They're also relatively easy to program, and optional dialogue sections are responsible for most of the 'remember that's, except in season 2 and 3, which broke the promise as some were never fullfilled if I can remember correctly.
2. But why 4 episodes? - Here's my two cents. Telltale are doing a Stranger Things telltale series on Netflix, don't know if it's exclusively on Netflix (if that were the case then I'd be angry), as well as a minecraft telltale series on netflix. And let's not forget the team working on The Wolf Among Us Season 2. Frankly, they need more developers working on these 3 projects, let's not forget that 20% of the team were dropped. Due to this constraint, they need to get TFS over and done with for good, to put it blatantly. 5 episodes probably wouldn't allow for the orders which I am assuming were asked by Netflix, to combat the argument that telltale can just delay games. I think with Stranger Things, they want to release the first episode before season 3 starts, or during season 3's run. What the writers are telling you, that 4 episodes is the optimum amount for the story they're going for, is definitely true, but it's only because they made it that way to benefit themselves. This makes his excuse bullshit, but it shouldn't matter because telltale make great games overall. My prime concern is that they prioritise story over gameplay, and we all want gameplay. I mean s2 ep3 had barely any gameplay yet there were so many opputunities for it. They can't 'afford' good gameplay right now, and I blame them for making their games so cheap lol. 20 dollars for a season pass LUL too many sales LUL got twau for 4 dollars LUL. They want to move on to 'bigger and better' projects, I get it, and there HAS to be a good ending.
Bottom line - don't worry, I heard you don't like train puzzles so don't bother with asking for gameplay. All that matters is we have more hubs guaranteed so more time to fullfill remember that promises.

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