I really need some help/advice regarding save files and the Story Generator System

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Hello there, lovely community of The Walking Dead, I have a bit of a little problem(more like a question). So, apparently, I didn't actually notice that you could import your save files from season 1 and 2 into A New Frontier.Here's how it went : I didn't really have time to play it(a new frontier) last year when it was released, but now that I have, I bought it(a new frontier) and started playing it a few days ago(finished it yesterday). I thought the Story Generator was the only option available, so I went with that. But, today, I stumbled upon a video tutorial that shows how you can transfer your save files into A New Frontier. I instantly face-palmed myself. When I went into Documents to check for my old save files, I noticed that Season 1's weren't there and Season 2 only had like 112 KB, and I was like "I really fucked up, didn't I? Now I think i'll have to play the previous seasons again" . Now here's the question : Is there much of a difference between playing with imported save files and playing with the Story Generator? For me, it kinda feels like an incomplete journey, tbh(even though I played the previous seasons) . Now that Season 4 is gonna be released next month(I am gonna pre-order it today) , and the fact that i'm a total idiot, I was thinking of re-playing the previous seasons and then import the save files, but since this is a pretty big time-consuming thing, I was wondering, again, if there's a difference between replaying them and importing the files(to make it feel like a complete experience) and the continuing with the Story Generator files(also I was wondering if the files of A New Frontier could be imported into Season 4, since I bought A New Frontier from G2A and it was the Telltale Launcher version and i'm gonna buy Season 4 on Steam)

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