No.. Don't Crista..!

Anyone noticed the change in Crista's behaviour..? From the moment Omid died, Crista was looking so pissed off with Clementine..!


  • She just probably thought it was Clem's fault

  • why have you made this thread

  • Well to be is understandable...She lost Omid and her baby in short order. She blamed Clem some what for what happened on a certain level...on another level she could see that it was just random chance that some teen would come in and get the drop on a 9 year old.

    Honestly if Clem had not been in her care...I think she would have let herself die. But Crista was dutiful to Lee's wish and did the best she could with pain she was in. I would have loved a DLC to cover those 16 Months they traveled together, because when you think about it...Crista would have been the biggest influence in Clem's life....not Kenny...not Jane and not even Lee.

  • We

  • I’ll never understand why the rage is never equal when it comes to Lily & Christa. On one hand you have someone who's lost their child and longtime companion(s) in a blink of an eye. On the other hand, we have an off-the-rail hardass who has a chip on their shoulder and ultimately murders someone in our group in cold blood because she can't handle backtalk. Or someone embarrassing her in front of the group. Though you mean to tell me, Christa choosing to be anti-social after losing the 2 most important people in her life, is more devious than Lily murdering Carley/Doug cause she lost an argument?

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