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  • I dont think its so much his feelings towards you more just their state of mind

    Oh? So because I said Marlon was a coward Tenn was bitter toward me about it?

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    I also said "Never" to the "Did you have a BF" question because 1. It did not happen in my ANF playthrough and 2. I'd die if that happened in my playthrough, but homeboy didn't say he was heartbroken by that. In fact it turned out kinda like a sweet teasing: "Never??" "Never"

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    I flirted with Louis because I shipped him with clem from the beggining until I met violet. I complimented his Piano, loved the Clementine

  • Violet- guilty
    Tenn- powerless (I don't understand this one)
    Louis- heartbroken
    Aj- hardened

  • For me I don't understand most of it, since I mostly did positive things, still

    Louis - Lost
    Violet - Horrified
    Tenn - Helpless
    AJ - Ruthless

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    I got something like
    Louis: Lost (I sided with him for pretty much the entire episode so I probably left him feeling conflicted when I asked for his help against Marlon, and when he died he just felt lost regarding the fact that his best friend was not all what he cracked up to be.

    Tenn: Bitter (angry at Marlon for what he did)

    AJ: Hardened ( I don’t even know why tbf, I was a major softie on him for the entire episode)

    Violet: Horrified (and again, I don’t know why, probably after witnessing a murder, but there’s another outcome for her despite choices not mattering at the end so idk)

  • Violet: Guilty
    AJ: Hardened
    Tenn: Helpless
    Louis: Heartbroken

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    comment left on the August 21... Did you know you can leave Tenn feeling Helpless (28%) and AJ feeling Pragmatic (15%). I know how I got this status... "Not complaining either, I have the rarest result YAY for me"... The most noticeable deference between bitter and helpless is the result of the drawing tenn makes of you and AJ. I don't like getting my picture taken so i SAID NO thank you to the pic. Thought it was just a choices after all. Also don't attack him first meeting

    FOR PRAGMATIC AJ Here is my DATA ... hope it helps... When AJ was around I would... MOST importantly play with disco broccoli/ Inspect him as much as possible. Hungry? Sleepy? all that jazz / Sent him through the dark room to teach bravery/ Said you don't have to worry and waited patiently for his bite confession in music room / He doesn't have to press the piano keys if he doesn't want too/ Apologized for the car wreck PLOT Device/ Avoid bird talk / Said lay it on T H I C C "sorry fam" / Didn't teach him swears/ If Aasim wrote in a "history book" he should share "Knowledge" Duh. / Laid flowers with Tenn to apprise the masses "haha MASSes church joke moving on"/ Teach toddlers WHY they need table manners people, don't choke at the dinner table nets you some points with ruby (she so sassy) / well talking to Marlon and best girl Brody (R.I.P Brody for what could have been, violet will have to do) be sure to warn Best girl Brody that AJ is a bit of a biter./ I returned the pencil case , talked to violet about bad memories to fit in with her edge ladyness, then gave her a compliment because i didn't do it the first time. / By next morning Tenn talked about the fire-woman and the po-po, to which I reminded AJ that he knows what happened to them / The two fight over toys and being an uncle myself I knew the answer right away ... AJ because I don't want to look after a salty toddler. / A wild Rosie appears and Clem is still weak to it because she is not a marry sue and having a weakness keeps you as a sharp and well developed character. / Fast forward to the night raid and abel's grocery shopping, after you died from thinking AJ listened to you when you said don't hesitate >:( you'll want to keep the living at an advantage by letting Abel go so he can kill WALKER's on another day or episode. / Keep playing and eventually AJ and Clem talk about ,like, not trusting people and what makes others soft or ,whatever, but really nothing is happening until it's oh about 1am and the whole school is awoken by thunder and an angry 5 year old Packing heat. / After a few tease minutes of the closest ace attorney THE WALKING DEAD edition we will ever get , I convince violet to be my human shield so if things go Awry then Clem becomes the only option boys. / Finally we have Marlon's last moments after telling Tenn that mistakes were made, Mr. Mullet lowers the gun and that is when you will fight over it like Clem's life depends on it. / FIN
    NOTHING MATTERS by this point except one thing, to have the PULP FICTION intro theme playing on another tab as soon as AJ pulls the trigger, that makes a morbid moment into a BADASS HEADSHOT.

  • Louis: Lost
    Violet: Horrified
    Tenn: Helpless
    AJ: Hardened

  • AJ - Pragmatic

    Tenn - Bitter

    Louis - Lost

    Does befriending Tenn affect anything in the credits outcome?

    I'm most curious about Tenn because he's the only character that's not AJ or a romance option that has his own credits slide. All the other school children (aka side cast) are bunched up in the same slide.

    Honestly the AJ one is the only one that makes complete sense to me. AJ himself is likely the biggest determinate of the entire season and I like how you raise him actually affects him.

  • Louis: Heartbroken
    Violet: Guilty
    AJ: Hardened
    Tenn: Helpless

  • Comment Louis on fighting skills instead of Violet

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    I've seen violet can also be annoyed. But I've yet to figure out how.

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