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Hey ya'll--DabigRG here!
I normally wouldn't do this, but since I can't seem to find a general impressions thread at the moment, I thought I'd make my own for the time being.
If there is indeed one that I overlooked and/or couldn't find, please let me know and/or feel free to merge my stuff into it.

Now then, onto the first experience. Something I've been occasionally doing with my ANF rewrites is take quick notes of specific details and thoughts as I'm watching the episode. Since this is a New frontier in it's own right, combined with the circumstance behind how I consumed it, I decided I would write down my feelings throughout the entire thing.
It will included as a separate comment here for the time being.
Well then, let's begin with the beginning of The End!


  • [Copy and paste introduction here]

    This is what I recorded throughout the watch.(Spoilers were listed carelessly to those relevant, so beware)

    Clemendtime the Mascot

    • Clementeen is protagonist, wears Hell's Angel jacket for some reason, got fuckin slumped :lol:, can ask about Marlon's haircut, if met anyone famous(Javier nod), worst injury witnessed, or grossest thing eaten;

    Alvin Rebecca Carver Jr.

    • AJ is adorably straightforward if insensitive, hates being approached from behind, in particularly bad mood when Clem isn't around/well, is a biter, , may have PTSD, need help making friends, afraid of people he feels he wronged, sticky fingers?, offscreen teleportation, eats like Jabba, takes liking to Tenn, used to sleeping on floor--it's safer, slightly paranoid, sudden Carver-ish tendencies with toys is painful, helps collect food, is pretty ready to shoot whoever threatens Clementine, , casually goes for kill if given chance, aaaand he turns into an awkward Diff'rent Strokes doll.

    AJ's little friends

    • Disco Broccoli(and Pink Surfer), AJ's toys, wants to be eaten--feeling hurt when denied


    • "Why Did Love Put a Gun in My Hand?", not as over the top, though; boy, they're really into these

    "Name's Marlon--I take care of things around here"

    • Marlon is Luke + Tripp, as I predicted; is passive aggressive when peace is challenged; weapon is bow and arrow, focused on the now, tends to put off recognizing troubles, elbow to the nuts, courtesy of Alvie; table manners bothers fat girl :lol:, had Louise ask if Clem had to kill someone she loved(Lee), considers Louis best friend, making plans for food expansion, has map of areas around school, hates area outside of safe zone because someone is always lost, feels he's expected to step up and protect others, did something to group Abel belonged to, let Abel's group take Sophie and Minerva, goes Bonnie on Brody for revealing the truth, complete with flashlight; was gonna give Clementine to Abel's group as reparation for Abel, locks Clementine in cellar with dead Brody to keep secret, claims Clementine killed Brody, another angry dickwad of a leader, David moment of dissonance during breaking rant, finally drops pretense when confronted by Tenn, admits to wanting to rescue Tenn's sisters but was too afraid, that moment when you realize they barely snuck in an angry dad climax, wisely calls it quits when his ass is laid out, surprisingly subdued death.

    Gash Tenn

    • Tenn took care of Clementine, Medic?, surprisingly tall, initially mute/Quiet, full name Tennessee, lost twin sisters Minnie and Sophie, likes to draw, first heard saying goodnight to AJ, weak croaky voice, artist, gave AJ his room, surprisingly stable head among ill-tempers and traumatized, doesn't fear death, instead thinking of what's on other side, even considers the original identities of walkers, "got some real talent,"

    Willy Hick Jr

    • Willy is delightfully odd, not the kind of design I expected, lookout, different tone of voice from others, disappears for a while after first day, has best reaction to climactic situation,

    Big Ruby Apple

    • Ruby got AJ bite, Brie + Bonnie?, country-pissy streak, Fat girl grossed out by lack of table manners :lol:, [un-?]surprisingly disappears for a while after first day, sides with Marlon reluctantly on grounds that they don't know Clementine,

    Muh Boi Louie

    • Louis is amazin, if occasionally acerbic, weapon is Chairles the Chair leg, fun way to getting out exposition, explain trap mechanic, friend of Omar, cards playa--used to exchange information between group and Clementine, ask if Clem had a boyfriend--offers to flip it around for likely same answer, Violet thinks he'll die first--everyone agrees...everyone, built traps, acts as distraction while Clementine, AJ, and Violet sneak back into train station;

    Blue-Purple not included

    • Violet don't like Clementeen, not so passive aggressive about blame, lanky, long faced, prominent jaw'd; surprisingly Like voice, weapon is Cleaver, heart broken by Louis?, thankfully sparse screentime at the moment--in both senses somewhat, mostly foil for Louis and yes, support for Tenn; oddly dead looking eyes, ask about AJ's parentage, doesn't like Baseball, nightmare fetishist?, close with Minerva, tensed by Brody's attempts to be friendly, was supposed to be on scavenging trip but swapped with Brody in the greenhouse, doesn't side with Clementine because Marlon reasons that she doesn't really know her, is won over once she realizes Marlon would've traded her away too,


    • Criticism: Still apparently only one conversation-cutscene interactions, got around this by having plenty of characters to talk to and establish in pairs with other more main characters to play off of,
    • Number of hubs, but seemingly lack of exploration around school for the most part

    The Loved Twos They Lost Along The Way(Backstory Spoilers)

    • Sophie and Minerva, Tenn's twin sisters, apparently died over year ago, painter and musician, lost on scavenging trip with Marlon and Brody, apparently white?, actually given to Abel's group by Marlon, thus possibly still alive and unwell--whatever that happens to mean;

    Assim Writin

    • Assim is grumpy hunter, Walker slump Clem , looks to the future, beef with Marlon's leadership, possible mole?, bit standoffish, Chronicler, don't like people messing with his privacy, no doubt more development if you went with Louis, suggests taking Rosie to search for other survivors after train station raid, quick to side with Clementine/against Marlon, argues against Omar due to outsides wanting food for some reason,

    Rose colored Canines

    • Rosie missing, Dynamically entry!, bites of walker head; doesn't really like Clementine at first, really well-trained(no shit), Headmaster's dog, barks during most of climax, confusedly quiets down for a second when Clementine appeals to Violet :lol:, surprisingly chill with Clementine knocking Marlon on his ass


    • Mitch carves weapons, looks like Javi, likes AJ and possibly kids in general, most likely to die given lack of development, was probably meant to argue with Omar at the end?, second best reacion in climax to Marlon's breaking rant,


    • Chef Omar is not Precious, friend of Louis, perfectionist about eating right, Skyrim VA(Keith S.)?, possible second most likely to die given lack of screentime, ironically least likely due to plot irrelevance, sides with Clementine due to bringing food,

    Not sure if her name means beautiful too(Plot n Backstory Spoilers)

    • Brody likes AJ, Bonnie clone as well, right down to similar voice; Marlon girlfriend/sister?, disapproves of Louis's card games, seems second or third most likely to die given lack of focus on first day, second day fixes this, goes fishing with Violet, upbeat compared to Violet(fuckin understatement), wants to learn to drive, lived at Ericson's her whole life, was there when Sophie and Minnie died, believes Violet blames her, has panic attacks when food traps are sabotaged, starts cursing when on edge, panics again when she hears about Abel, apparently experienced group attack before, shoves Marlon down when he tries to reason with her, freaks out so much because of what happened to Tenn's sisters, wanted to tell others what actually happened, angrily thwacked/Dee'd over eye by Marlon, goes blind from injury, turns while trapped with Clementine, boy, somebody sure hated/loved Bonnie; nasty Carver shoutout?

    Pick a Card, any Card

    • Card Game War scene=totally not Oatmeal with Luke, main three characters instead of just one, learn more about host,

    Eye candy, this is not

    • Noticed camera hung up on Violet's face--twice, once at dinner, once after talking with Clementne in bedroom,

    The Old Leader

    • Headmaster was master of Rosie, supposedly left kids to fend for selves alongside other adults,

    I'm da Map, I'm da Map

    • School Map of area around School, * Greenhouse is overrun by plants, Brody used to work there


    • Choice to go Fish with Violet and Brody or Hunt with Louis and Assim

    Shackin up with(or without?) a Spear

    • Fishing Shack is shack from engine render

    Gone Fishin

    • The fishing minigame is not overly precise, hitting in time with the fish seems to have Clementine automatically change position to accomodate the windup,


    • AJ fuckin stutter while running off after his first fish catch

    The Smoker(surprisingly not as spoilery)

    • Abel is The Smoker, possible Willy's dad?, Carver + Max + Nate?, recognizes knowledgableness of operation, claims destroying food traps was a mistake, "loney, ugly, and hungry;" will kill Aj and then Clementeen is she gives order to shoot, attack him will have him shoved towards window with walkers waiting,


    • FUckin Banjoz!

    Gettin Ready for Bed

    • Returning ANF flashback track
    • McCaroll Ranch was apparently ravaged, "The Blood"

    Storm's a Brewin Down Below(Plot Spoilers from this point on)

    • Have to break lcok on cellar door to get to argument between Marlon and Brody, probably bad idea considering it otherwise locks on both sides of other entrance inside school, ergo, compromised shelter;
    • Man, fuck these search in the dark sections; is this TWD or JP?, effective brink of hope shot, bonus points for mostly realistic aftermath;

    The Serious Climax

    • Boy, Clementine's challenging pose and Tenn's goofy run sure sap seriousness out of a dramatic, thunderstorm punctuated scene;


    • Appeal to Louis or Appeal to Violet, gee, wonder how this will end?;

    The Serious-er Climax

    • Never in my life did I think a friggin nutshot would be a Chekgov Skill, the karate yell afterwards wasn't much better

    Settlement of Running Time

    • Sigh...what was that ending?, good thing it totally wasn't more or less spoiled for me


    • Like the portrait work choice listings next to ANF style credits, ANF end Relationship Status is a thing this early, Mood Whiplash with Brody and Marlon :lol:, Even less major characters are listed, Collection list,
    • Cast: Melissa Hutchison, Tayla Parx, Ritesh Rajan, Alex Fernandez(David?), Hedy Burress(not Bonnie), Sterling Sulleman, Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, Keith Silverstein(I knew it!), Ali Hillis(Ava! :blush:), Zaire Hampton, Gideon Adlon, Justin Cowden
    • There's also a French cast, for some reason

    Game Menu

    • Smarter about Menu Title Cards...they just say "Fuck em! Here's Clementine, AJ, Walkers, and/or the hat in different positions and backgrounds!"
  • Nitpick central. Funny but oof

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  • Gonna go ahead and bump + modify this in case anyone else needs it, because oh boy, will I.

  • Suffer the Children Impressions

    (Finny just throwing what little I had together due to lack of interest and freshness. If things seem unfinished/disjointed and even cut&paste, that's why. I might elaborate on stuff if I find time or most likely are asked. If anyone cares, anyway.)

    I'll detail it later, but the process of watching this episode was pretty down and up for me. It was kinda dodgy about itself going in, honestly.

    Alvin Rebecca Carver Jr

    Young Alvie continues to be a distinguishing element...albeit, at something resembling half power? Idk if it's due to the reintroductions being over or just a symptom of him(like a few characters) being out of it for some of this episode, but . Still, his interactions with other characters like Tenn, Louis, Ruby, Abel, and even Clementeen managed to etch a smile on my face during a onoff experience.
    I also kinda like how the episode further gave him his own little nemesis in Abel, who he was notably hostile towards if you let him take food.
    Regret is an important emotion to understand. Helps one reflect and correct behavior that lead to mistakes.
    Couldn't help but notice he was short from behind, but had the shrapnel in his stomach. I was wondering about that when James said to prop him up on the rock.
    Surprised he got shot, especially so early in the game. Even if it did play into how formulaic Lily's handling was.
    As for everyone initially being mad with him, I perfectly understood.
    AJ killed their leader and close friend for years after he'd surrendered and own up to his follies, with the news that the raiders who forced him to do those things are possibly back for more.
    All of that happening within less than half an hour is bound to leave some intense, conflicting feelings.
    As for how they bounced back from it, I actually thought Louis was just a little too into the hurt feelings initially and that Ruby and Aasim were presented as too indifferent. In fact, I'll just go ahead and say that the overall repercussions of what happened with Marlon and how everyone fells about it on all three levels is another area where the episode skimps on opportunity.


    I'm unironically happy he did.
    His reaction to whatever Clementine and AJ say about him shooting Marlon was odd.
    They clearly realized he had little to no characterization and so they just slapped one on
    Blow things up


    Someone taking the "place" of Mitch from the previous episode, poor Chef Omar is the least focused on and developed character in this episode. Perhaps it's due to the conflicts with Louis, Mitch, and Abel & Lily taking what can somewhat be called center stage; perhaps it's a matter of him arguably having the least relevance given the lack of dedicated fallout and recovery from the last episode. Either way, Omar gets, like, one line near the beginning pointing out how high emotions are and in the final chapter, gets sniped in the shin, tells Clementeen to stop dragging him so she can get behind cover, and is eventually stated have been captured offscreen in the chaos. Which bugged me a little, but at least it's better than killing him off will little more than a character establishing moment.


    His handling in that "first 10 minutes" video was a red flag I had going through this episode.
    You know, in hindsight, I realized that Louis actually had a relatively solid arc in Episode 2. It's just that the way it came off initially and the somewhat restricted development he actually got made it a little hard to appreciate.
    Having actually read the OP, that instance is small potatoes and somewhat understandable compared to later--when Louis is trying to improve himself on his own time by practicing archery and opens up about the fact that he was ultimately something of a negligent friend when reality hit them all in one of the few real character development scenes he gets in the episode, there's seriously an option for her to do so there as well.
    [But] That's probably part of why I feel Louis ultimately has the most character(however you wanna define that) compared to her(or maybe even Assim for that matter)--he actually feels less focused on getting you on his side, somehow.
    It's also why the general takeaway being those two is something that doesn't surprise me, but doesn't speak too highly of the game.
    Now that I have seen the full episode(plus an alternative playthrough) and thus have the full picture, I see.
    "Backstory" Yeah, when I said Louis didn't quite get the development I would've thought he'd get, that's largely what I meant..
    picking Louis actually makes for the more interesting setup for the next episode to me.
    Anyone else though Louis was playing Just a Friend if you followed him?
    with the way these two episodes were generally structured, I'd think people would objectively be more inclined to go with Violet. they're both kinda misleading about what's actually gonna happen.
    Hence why I agree that the choice itself is.


    Is it fair to say that Violet is actually kinda bland in terms of practiced characterization?
    She wasn't as botheringly contentious as Louis sometimes was going in, but it also does not reflect well on her. In her own context, she might seem like she's somewhat better in her mixed-ness compared to some other characters, but that doesn't really mean much at all. So she's in this weird middleground as she starts to drift to somewhat underhanded writing territory and takes on rather halfassed and frankly confusing attempts at drifting into unfocused aspects of I was dreading since she was revealed.
    So in short, I don't know what I should think about Violet and on some level, don't think I should.
    "Firewallcano posted: » She has more or less no character development in episode 2, she steps up as leader but very little change from her" Pretty much. Even the whole leadership thing is done, not done in a very loose yet wishywashy way.
    To my blanket observation though, she's just kind of around most of her time in this episode, with the bulk of her actual involvement equivalating to "saying/being the 'right' thing(s)."
    1. Wish I didn't see this thread title ahead of time.
    2. You know, if you told me that thread/meme I made a while back based on a meme I just saw floating around the same day would join the list of things that these games(well, this game specifically) that would actually happen, I probably would've thought it'd never happen.

    Personally speaking, Ruby would be the default choice for F or M. If I were actually playing this though? Pffft, fuck if I know.
    [Who save] It definitely would've been Louis, going by the first video I saw. With the way the story and interactions were playing out in the episode, having Violet be the one to be kidnapped after attacking Lily was the more interesting scenario.


    Probably the closest to a wholly solid character in the episode
    Background botany Ms Martin.
    Medic to AJ.
    Honestly, I'm a little surprised there wasn't a scene or line clarifying that.
    She was also not opposed to the idea of a vote, after all. I just wonder why they didn't take the time to flesh out and/or better handle a decent handful of things in this episode alone.


    While him being reintroduced coming out shooting regardless is debatably dumb and I was always sure he wasn't supposed to be the Main villain, Abel was actually pretty enjoyable as a secondary villain for what he got. His greeting to AJ and reaction to Lily easing up were some of the few smiles I had during the first third.
    I'd agree I prefer he get to stick around longer if he didn't totally fuck his leg up in the fall.
    still Alex Fernandez. Which is funny, considering he sounds so much like Brian Somner(Danny and Pete).
    I'd probably let AJ have him, depends.


    Is emblematic of my overall experience watching the episode and as such, one of the weakest parts of the episode. While she had a select few, little moments on places, the bulk of her role here just felt...lazy.
    This was one of those select few moments for her in this Episode. The first playthrough I saw didn't say that, though.
    Dude, I honestly think this character wasn't Lily at first(or at least in practice), so we probably don't even have that "luxury" to blame for this.
    That's more or less the baseline of the plot itself, as both this episode and especially Done Running are clearly based on Season 2. Somewhat regretfully, I have to say that Carver was probably the better established.
    ? I would've thought she just found what was left of Jane and took her jacket.
    And [even more] questionable sanity and/or intelligence
    Again, if Abel didn't come out shooting and it wasn't explicit they wanted the school, I actually might've considered it.
    Also, if that trailer wasn't so overtly dumb.But yeah, still an odd setup that doesn't go anywhere.
    Let's consider a different stance on this matter: the people who actually liked the idea of Lily being The Bad Gal. No, not the haters--forget them-- I mean the people who honestly watched the trailer, heard that Breaking Speech around the halfway point, saw Lily's trademark glare behind the fire she set near the end, and said, "Wow, this episode is gonna be epic."

    Breaking speech from the trailer epic climax. And it's just casually brought out, with not much of a prompting.
    Believe it or not, I actually kinda appreciated the options to attempt to attack her. Though the results of determinantly telling Violet to shoot her in forest honestly surprised me. Don't know if I'd have done so myself.


    A bit surprised how underutilized he actually was in the episode, especially considering the episode bannerart put his "masked" self so prominently. Similar to a few comments about Lily in the trailer, I can't help but wonder why Telltale didn't save his existence and/or history mostly secret.
    James was a bizzare One Scene Wonder considering the marketing.

    The Deltas

    I'm actually really curious about that as well. It's likely either some new bigger threat or something related to the comics. Maybe..nah.
    Sullene's husband
    Territory. Intrapersonal disputes. For the greater "good." War can and often is fought for many reasons.As I said, there are many reasons to go to war. Sometimes, the war comes to you.


    Of all of the characters that are kinda around, Willy probably rivals Lily the most in that he really could've had more fleshing out/development throughout the episode. He seemed to be the only other character who was continually bittered about Marlon and Brody's deaths in themselves, not to mention that his friendship with Mitch probably should've been used more in light of the latter's sudden boost in prominence.
    Wily at least seems to have some degree of recklessness and anger issues of his own. >!Tenn is still a mystery, as are Sophie and Minerva.
    Both are fucked up. Bricks sounds more reasonable, but the log is just downright wacked out--and Willy still gets it setup. Again, really makes you wonder why Tenn, Sophie, Omar, and recently Ruby are there.
    Actually, he was calling Aasim stupid. So he likely sided with Mitch in saying they should go.


    Poor Aasim. Got demoted pretty noticeable when the stage seemed set.
    Honestly, I thought they died until the credits confirmed they were taken.
    @RainbowKitten After episode 1, Aasim, Ruby, Omar, Mitch and Willy where clearly the minor characters of the group. Aasim got the most development of the 5 (mainly because he was involved in the hunting decision with Louis) but none really made a big impression on me.
    Aasim definetly got shunted to the background this episode and whilst it would have been nice to have him get a bit more development, I don't mind too much as I felt he was the most developed of the minor characters after ep 1 and this allowed Ruby and Mitch to get some much needed development.
    You know, when I saw the Hunting scenario in Done Running, a small part of me wondered why they didn't have Violet along considering you're choosing between two different minigames due to potentially goofing off with Louis and the E3 that reveal the Main Ericson Quartet described her as being pragmatic. Well, I guess someone at Telltale thought the same because Violet just took much of what probably would've been Aasim's role and scenes in the following episode.
    Instead, Aasim gets into arguments with Willy, gets punched in the stomach for belittling him, gets teased about his crush on Ruby, goes to kiss either her or a Walker head on a pike on a dare, and finally is just said to have been captured by the Deltas offscreen. As such, Aasim's screentime can essentially be deemed, as @Dex-Starr might put it, taking the piss out of him.
    It was either between him and Ruby from what I got and he's definitely the most likely, especially if he wasn't demoted so hard.

    The Buried

    I do wish he and/or especially Brody could've survived for this episode. Could've actually added some more nuance to the plot, not to mention giving your teachings more immediate long-term effects.
    Pretty much like the writers forgot that she has ever existed. Which I really didn't care for. She should've been just as much a part of the trauma and recovery topic, if not moreso.
    The only characters who actually paid her any mind once are Tenn and Willy.
    Still kinda wish he or better yet Brodie were still around, though.


    I honestly fuckin laughed. Like, seriously? As it wasn't obvious enough.


    Melissa Hutchison, Tayla Parx, Sterling Sulleman, Gideon Adlon, Ray Chase(?), Robbie Daymond, Ritesh Rajan, Hedy Burress(?), Zaire Hampton, Justin Cowden, Ali Hillis, Alex Fernandez(Original Character, do not steal), Keith Silverstein(Double duty), Johnny Young Bosch(Really gettin anime now), Nikki Rapp, Stephanie Sheh(:smile:)


    So, apparently there are multiple endings?
    meh. The romance element did not interest me.

    If there's one positive about this episode, there were numerous good lines/exchanges.

    Off the top of my head:

    Lily: We've got history.
    Abel: Great. You know her, I know her.

    Ruby: That does seem fair.
    Assim: Are you serious? That's bullshit.
    Willy: You're bullshit.

    Louis: Anyone here you like-like?
    Violet: Seriously? "Like-like?" What are you, six?
    Louis: Seven, thank you.

    Louis: Okay, great. That did nothing.

  • I honestly got a headache trying to read some of that.
    You don't really like the episodes, this what you're sayin' ?

  • Which one? :lol:

    I honestly got a headache trying to read some of that. You don't really like the episodes, this what you're sayin' ?

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    Broken Toys Impressions

    ...I [mostly] liked [parts of] it. It was odd in places and I should not there were a couple of "really?" moments, but it was [mostly] enjoyable. That third act though...
    Gonna go ahead and note that the walkthrough I'm watching decided to save Violet over Louis, so this experience is already kindavery shot. Ah well.
    Try not to read much of this before watching the episode, though. Those who read my TWAU and Batman impression know how I do.

    EDIT: Okay, just gonna go ahead and say it...it's a quarter to 5 in the morning and I need time to ...process. But as my recent post in the meme thread sorta shows, this episode just went for the briny deep during the last act. And I just need to sit down. Cause wow.

    Alvin Rebecca Carver Jr.

    ;; No don't let him see that!; Epiphany?; He gonn fight Willy by the end of this; ; ; He noticed that people don't always think clearly; Aw...; Somewhere, Sarah is having a laugh; I feel like that sometimes too...oh boy....; AJ is skeptical of your denial; I'm with you on this ; ; Pfft...oh AJ, you so STOO-pid; No AJ, you're just a good person; Damn; Damn...; Where'd you find a fucking beach ball, man? Ew...; Dang, you get hyper as shit when you're happy; Bring it in buddy; "I got an idea. It's a suprise. .... I promise not to swear all over it"; Alright, fuck you too, boi! :joy:; To the shippers: ♪Mister Steal Yo Giiil!♩; Oh, my sweet summer child...there's still some things you're better off not knowing yet.; Damn, even your face just screams "Sick and Wrong"; Aw...; That we do, goofball. ...That we do.; Good job, buddy.; Who let that down...oh yeah! We did spot that out earlier; AJ, no!; ...A-AJ...; WOAH, SHIT!!! Fuck Rebecca, your middle name should be MIKE!; AJ, that's enough.; Dang. Even Lilith realizes you're where it's at now, homeboy. N-not that that's a good thing, just...y'know.; --HEY, NOT LIKE THAT! STOP!; Damn! Talk about getting the taste, ticktock style.; JEEZ-its! ; Woah, AJ, not this again. Let someone else handle this, you don't have to--.;Woah. Woah-WOAHWOAHWOAH--AJ, STOP!!


    Mitch took care of him since the beginning; ; She said carefully, bud; Him and AJ gonn fight by the end of this; Oooh...he got a "surprise" for you in Marlon's office! Ooh...; You're a pyro too, eh? Heheh, figured; Oh, he got a plan!; You know, for a rowdy kid who likes fuckin stuff up, you're awful thorough. ...That-that means smart thinking, lad.; It's fine, son. In the moment, all you could think about was what had happened. Ya should patch things up, if you can.; "Willy Junior"--because we had to work that in. I'd allow it, though.; Ew, dude. That's...wow. Got another Maccer here. ...How old are you again?; Ugh, and he looks so proud, too!; Who fucked a walker? Yeah, I've heard of him. .... Oh....; Heheheh--of course he is, pal.; It's cool; In-con-spicuous, Wet Willy.; ; ; ; ;


    Got right to work burying Mitch; Wants to throw one last hootnanny before the rescue; Indeed, they do. Sorta; You know color theory too? My my.; So thoughtful; Wants to make tea; "Maybe something country?" "That's my favorite!"; And *a party planner--Mm!*; Ruby's Revenge--FUCK YEAH!; Swear. :grin:; Gossip, Ruby? Hm--this should be fun.; Oh, waddya know--my first guess was right!; What a segway; Funny--I was just thinkin you were the Louis for this scenario. That's okay, though--you're still cool.; ;


    Poor kid; Where is he about now?; Welcome to the Party, Tenn!; Ope, look out AJ--you might have some competition, down here.; That smile--he know what he did; Tenn!!! :lol:; Leaning on the fourth wall there, buddy.; Oh Tenn...; He wants Minnie to know he forgives her; Okay, I saw that game. Don't you be pullin that Sarah shit on me. You was doing pretty good all things considered--DON"TYOUFUCKIN--!; One more...oh no...; Uh-uh, junk--Tenn ain't havin that!; Tennessee, careful...think about the odds; Dang, even he's just kinda done by this point. Still, we need to think this through for just a second.


    Not how we would've hoped you'd meet again, huh?; Of course she wasn't; It's been years; Used to hate Louis--never woulda guessed; Aw...ship; I'd say that's on the nose, but...that ball was; "See that--it's like Louis in a box."; Yeah, what you said; Shut up, Violet, you were probably right there with im, lol.; Tryin to be an Attention Whore, Vi? Hmph. That's a little funny.; Oh shit, backstory! Okay...; Dad was a drunk, mom worked three jobs; Grandma was guardian, for all intents and purposes; After grandpa died, grandma...ceased to function in her rocking chair; Oh shit...; Killed herself with a rifle and a backscratcher; Violet froze up. She was sent to Ericson's the next day at eleven; Pretty; Uh, Violet, you might wanna speed this along.; Nonononono...; Violet, you aim thoughtfully before you--;;


    Still doesn't trust her...poor girl; Rosiiieee! Ya made it to the party!; ; ; ; ; ; ;


    He had AJ's gun on him?; Still Hilarious; Oh boy; Yes, yes--the Other Side of the War; It almost looked like he was crying when she put that out; What the fuck?; Damn.; Not what I was expecting; Dr. Lingard callback.


    How did he come up?; Man, don't sneak up behind people like that. Good way to get elbowed in the boingloins; Was he always Asian?; He tried to save the others?; Why did he leave his mask?; Horses?; Starting to get Luke vibes from him too; "Collecting"; Getting into post-turning life theory here; Kinda wanna punch you now, friend; Even he is surprised to here that; He's killed his share of people... and walkers...but that was in the past; He honestly can't be expected to suddenly jump back in; Poor guy; Alright, Batman. Get yourself wrecked out here.; Let me guess--there's already a ringbearer out here?; Yeah, well...you and your pals aren't exactly the face of purity.; Oh boy....; Woooah...fff---okay. Yeah. I, uh...hm.; Had a boyfriend named Charlie; The Whisperer lifestyle fiercely considered weakness a poison; It broke Charlie; Slit the throat of a boy who expressed sympathy for the enemy; Damn. You're even more repentant than I assumed. I'm truly sorry.; I know what you mean.; Shit. Sound like they got him too.; Yep. But he's tellin her EXACTLY what's on his mind.; ; ; .


    Another encounter in the woods--of all things; Well fuck what I said earlier; Dang she's tall--cut neckline, btw; ; This was odd timing...hm, deja vu; She fixes things up; Jane vibes(and leitmotifs) startin up; Oh goodness gracious; ; I knew it was her, but now there's more context; She's upset that Clementeen got people killed defending the school; Used to sing "Don't be afraid" when everyone got scared; She's the cell guard; Woah--good ears. Your basic training has taught you well.; Woah, what's up with her eyes? Violet, why do your people look so scary?; Holy shit, I just figured it out--Marlon!; Uh...hmmm....; The FUCK?! I knew this didn't look right!; So they were happy--no, thankful to be a part of the Delta after orientation.; She was sad at first, but were happy to live in a safe, prosperous community--with the only price being that they help defend; But when she followed her sister in trying to escape...she ended up having to kill her to earn her way back in; Kinda grabbin the Idiot Ball hard there, dear; Oh, waitaminute...not THIS again! Or THAT!; Oof...! ...Dammit, Minerva. You coulda came with us. You...you could've been free.


    Fuck....Fuck.; She died a hero, fighting the Other Side of the War;t.; She made trouble every chance she could and eventually talked Minerva into escaping on a raft with her; Minnie was ordered to kill her after they were caught.


    Timely, low key entrance; Got her under her entrance; Damn, somebody's angry; The FUCK did you do to him?! WHY?! What use is a scout or a soldier or whatever the fuck that CAN"T! REPORT! IN!; Guess you cared after all.; Sorry, not sorry, but you and Mitch-Pone there don't really get to call anyone a monster.; Holy shit, really? Well, hate to say this, but it's a little late for your praise.; Then you best stick to protocol then, if you're still smart.; Yeah, I remember Larry. That flappy old fuckhead.; Larry let the power run out just to teach you not to leave the light on? Dang...that-that sounds, like, the worst thing for someone like me. You don't even know.; That eye movement...I assume you're asking her to move for her own safety.; The Parable of The Two Twins; What happened to you? Like, I knew you'd have fallen after what happened with Kenny and Ben, but THIS?!; No, wait! Dorian, NO! Get her to stop! Lily, STOP!; Not as unflappable as you seemed, you twisted bitch.; * Lily is impressed * Oh C'MON, you KNOW that was great place for that!; Yeah, get down on eye level with him. That seems like a good idea right now.; UP-pupup! There goes that Sarah shit aga--what's up with that face? :open_mouth:; Uh-uhn, bad touch--BAD TOUCH!; Wait, she's familiar with the Whisperers?; Nasty bitch.; Uh, shit.; Lily, stop!; Well, yeah, stumblin around like a dumbass will get you that.; CHEESE-us! And still kickin!; Sheesh, couldn't help but relinquish givin the circumstances. I almost can't blame you.; SHEESH! Did he even hit her in the head?


    Louis?! Oh nononono...; Louis! You alright, man?; Louis! No... What kinda fucked up...! I made the right choice, after all.; Get him out of here. We...we can start some semblance of recovery once everyone's safe.


    One of Disco Broccoli's Chive Talkin friends

    Pier Woods

    Interesting setup for a hub; excellent timing; what was that sound?; Oh shoot, gettin Batman up in here; Looks like Omar's dad over there; Hay or Supplies, peculiar choice; The Delta isn't the boat; ;


    Lingard allusion; Creeper Walker;

    James' Collection

    Fuckin really?; Beet-Nick!; I'm honestly with AJ on this one(big shock); Ugh, what does it smell like?; "Harold, that was fuckin rude. Don't roar at our guest."; And I'd be like "fuck that," personally; Oh my goodness...this is so dumb and sorta uplifting at the same time; Bitch, let AJ have his moment of confession;

    The School

    "And most of it was Crazy Pants, AJ"; Right in the nose :lol:; You got a fucking record player around here, complete with the phone?; I swear, if this ends up being...; "I'm noticing a bomb theme.";

    The Hootnannie(Yes, this gets it's own section--sue me!)

    I already know someone who might not like this; This is a dumbest, corniest shit I've ever heard round these parts; Get ready for that awkward, chore-based dancing--YEEEEEE-HA!; "Fuck you Raiders!" :lol:; What the fu--did anyone else here another song overlap for a second?; Ooooh...very informative card game alternative; "Um, that pretty much describes everyone in this room"...wait, everyone?; Damn--that was spot on!; "Ahn-ahn--don't you dare" * Points at Willy and Violet *; Ah yeah, play that smooth jazz-a-relly. ...Right after a masturbation joke. :confused: ...AH, New Orleans!; Damn. That's a...long list.; That got....; D'oh! Kinda killed the mood there, player.

    The Student Body(Context sensitive)

    Justin [fucked a walker], Therissa, Jasper, Erin with the colored braces, Joey, Maddie, Lamar, Alex, Dewey, Trey, Stephanie. Over 34 died.

    The Otherworld Track(spoilers)

    Oh fuck, really? Oooh, dammit...shit.; It's...nice...talkin to you again, Lee. Always ready for a check in.; Killin my buzz, player; what did happen at McCaroll...?; Aw...Aaaaww....; See you again. Soon.

    The Infiltration

    Damn! Must be Dorian; Ruby's Revenge goes in the Boiler Room; Oh shit, spotlights! Um...; Ew...; Okay, time to blend in.; Shields...that's smart. But what about any soldiers on the ground; Oh fuck, Omar's dad with a gatlin gun!; Damn, this is a risky plan. And you're not even sitting ducks.; Careful...oh SHIT! Wha--DON"T TALK, YOU IDIOT!; Uh, maybe Violet should've went first? Then AJ.; Walkers? More like Draggers.; Fuck the walkers--get inside!; ; ; ; ; .


    Deep voice; The Delta is all there is; Terse, rough; somewhat yielding to Lilith, though.; You can take the Sniper outta the Street, but you can't take the Street outta the Sniper; WOAH, SHIT!!! Went TYSON on yo ASS!;

    The Delta's Ship

    Almost thought that was Badger for a sec; Guess there's no chance but to follow; Oh boy, it's OD again!; OW! ...Is he dead?; Well that's the end objective.; Sullene!; Shoulda aim for the head. Quick, clean, and not noisy.; Wait--aren't we supposed to do this last?; A hour or 30 minutes? Heh--20 should be enough.; Dorian! And Minerva! And the Prisoners!; Damn. Captured.; ;

    The Cells(spoiler-ish)

    What the fuck..WHY?; What'swith the big footsteps trailing?; Dang, that was a good kick.; "Is that the consequence? That you're an asshole." Okay, that was actually kinda funny; Careful...she got good hearing, remember?; FUCK!!;

    The Bridge(spoilers)

    I thought they were sparrin for a second. Shit. They started the boiler.; Dat overlap/repeat, though.; Who's that? Looks like a mean Bonnie.; Ope--here come Sullene and not!Badger.; Damn. MeanBonnie sees ya.; Really--AGAIn?! I think you're trying to tell me something.; Gigitt--no, let's ruined the mood. Anymore.; Ow-hoohoo! Everybody getting punched and/or bittin today.l WHAT! Did he say? WHAT did JAMES SAY!!; Oh fuck, it's Sullene again.; Oh no...IT"S RUBY REVENGE!!!

  • Take Us Back Impressions

    So, since this is the finale episode, I thought I’d dispense with the division of points and just do a reaction write-up similar to The Wolf Among Us, Batman, and Jurassic Park. For reference, I watched SmackNPie’s second playthrough.

    Previously On

    That’s my boy
    Wrong choices, but I’ll have to take em
    A growing rift or break in trust
    Rule #1 Never go alone,

    Exploding Ship

    There’s a herd approaching the wreckage
    Well, there goes the hat—into the wading reach of swimmers.
    Hang on AJ!
    Oh, you bitches…
    Oh, hardcore parkour!
    Shit—going for a boat ride.
    Wow, that’s…convenient propulsion.
    Where’s everyone else?
    Gad. Is. Pissed.
    Say, isn’t that Marlon’s bow?
    Damn, AJ really can pack a punch.
    James’s mask. Poor guy.
    Rowin somewhere?
    …Okay, that was kinda funny. I was half expectin her to catch one.
    Is this a different VA? That does not sound like her.
    “Make it your new parable.”
    Alright, Jane.


    Waitin around to die? –Dope, someone’s avoidin a copyright strike. :lol:

    The Misty Shore

    Startin another finale after hitting the dirt, huh?
    Louis! You’re okay!
    Violet!..Oooh.. did she lose an…?
    Damn, getting Bride of Chucky vibes here.
    Oh shit, is she…damn. Talk about irony.
    Sullene and Gina.
    Déjà vu.
    Aasim, Omar!
    Ruby and Willy!
    Aasim, what the--?
    Egh, right in the jugular.
    Well that was lame.
    Damn if she ain’t takin some of them out.
    Oh shit.
    Ruby Bouta Ride!
    Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was watchin Black Dyamite.
    Why don’t they have a weapon?
    We’re escapin in style.
    Oh shit x9.
    Whelp, she goin up. Oh, I guess not.
    Ah fuck. Missed the carriage.
    Use the knee trick if necessary.
    Oh-hoho, bitch say she weavin them deadheads at a brisk pace. Alright.

    Forest Cave

    Kinda wish he muttered, “..Don’t call me dummy. You’re a dummy.”
    Oh, that’s cold.
    Wuh, and you can’t talk to him? Sigh…
    Calypso Cauliflower. “These are getting stranger”. :lol:
    Uh, I wouldn’t touch that just yet if I were you. Might piss off the Collector something fierce and get a stalagtite up the coochy.
    Well that’s a waterfall in the cave. Which means there’s definitely stalagtites.
    Crystals…of course.
    I could work as a bridge. It could also work as a way to fuck up and lose a little boy.
    Da fuck—JAMES?!
    Don’t look into he-it’s eyes!
    Pfft—Huhuhehe! Wow. :lol:
    Damn, they’re ignoring the one on fire.
    Might wanna hurt it up before they dislodge the log.
    Why did one just fall over back there..?

    Across the Riverbank

    Poor AJ. He may have never had to deal with this before.
    James’ walker is just spacin out over there. ..It is kinda disturbing.
    Friend? What friend?
    You really messed up by this boy.
    That was…oddly astute.
    Uh, she’s 17 buddy. That’s barely skimming the cutoff.
    Well…Firefighter and words like hero or protector were rather synonymous.
    Damn. James’ walker must’ve been planning a workaround. Or walkaround, rather.

    The Forest

    Fire’s out and so are you.
    I hope everyone made it back. Or to safety at least.
    The third…?
    Oh, the vote! Holy shit, payoff!
    Aasim voted because he thought she’d keep them safe.
    “…Huh.” Why so matterafact, goofball? :joy:
    Ya damn right.
    Someone approaches…
    And you got out to look for us. Oh you.…
    Yeah. Surprisingly.
    Just gotta walk back. And look out for any walkers—can’t afford to drop the guard, especially this close.
    …Was that gunshot?
    Oh, Dorian got a bit of him.
    She was his first.
    Louis had a pet turtle named Jeff, who he cherishes as much as his grandma’s phone number and the fourth grade spelling word recommend.
    Made a deal with his dad to put in a skylight on a new home if he got straight A’s. They never got to build the height.
    Boo, buddy. Boo!
    Walkers hate stairs. Heh.
    “A statue of me.” Oh--you fuckin egomaniac!
    “Hell yeah, fuckin treehouse.“
    Okay, I keep hearing gunshots—when are we getting mugged?

    The Wooden Bridge

    Oh boy...
    Or better yet, just go the fuck around. Consider your options, C.
    Look under the truck.
    Oh, are you fuckin shittin me…another leap of faith?! Albeit, one that isn’t anywhere near that wide, but STILL!
    That’s actually pretty creepy.
    And she brought some representatives from an accepting college. Great.
    Oh dang, she just coastin her way out patiently. Her psyche is definitely shot.
    Yeah, no shit. She made that pretty clear.
    Oooh you BITCH!!!
    Good job AJ. Keep your friend grounded for a bit.
    Don’t stay out to long. She’s still shootin for ya somehow.
    Woooah, slowdown.
    It would’ve been neat if she was actually taking some out during those intervals. Could’ve been a neat strategy thing.
    Oh fuck…
    Then just knock him out and toss him across! Whatever it--
    Shit! Shit! Shit!
    Yeah, probably shouldn’t have been shootin like a maniac.
    Did she just get shot?
    Wait, why are they turning(fu) on her now?
    Tenn, no!
    Woah—WHAT THE FUCK, AJ?!
    Okay, that could’ve been kinda funny.
    Damn, you sure climb fast for someone with an injured ankle.
    Wow, I’m actually having a hard time making a reference.
    …Meet the Robinsons.

    The Final Mourning

    You need to cut it off.
    “I love you.” Why the fuck would you even consider saying something like that right now?
    James’ Barn. How cruel irony can be.
    Damn. Ain’t makin it out/in this easy, to say the least.
    Wait, are you sure you wanna hit in the barn that wa …?
    Hurry buddy.
    This place can’t last too long.
    Alvin Junior got you covered.
    Oh, her text is pink!
    Doh, shit…
    Fuck, it’s tied down!
    “Clem’s Knife—She needs me.” Aw…
    For a second there, I looked down and thought she was just gonna shoot the rope.
    Damn, they’ve breached.
    Wow, they are towering compared to him.
    That pausing in between is kinda flow breaking.
    Fuck...this is fucked….
    One can appreciate your encouragement, dude, but she ain’t standin up.
    Uh—find something to tie the wound close. One way or another, that’s the only way she’s likely to get back up.
    Admittedly, it’d be kinda hard to look someone in the eye in a moment like this.
    Woah, is she changing colors?! I thought her eyes looked oddly orange, but…
    You didn’t. Just took off from someone else’s increasingly bad one.
    Going over the rules again? That’s…that’s smart.
    Rule 1 Never go alone.
    “There’s a fresh juicy walker just waiting to be gutted.” Ugh…
    Rule 2 When monsters come, shoot them in the head.
    Oh-ho hooo…nooo…
    Yeah, seriously.
    “I worked too hard for that.” Damn straight. Smartest thing you’ve said.
    Rule 3 If she gets bit, ….
    I mean…technically, he doesn’t have to. He’s strong enough to handle this if he’s willing to.
    Oh fu-u-u-uck…Oh shit—AJ--!!!

    McCaroll Ranch

    Oh look, it’s “Hero!Clem.” Ugh…
    Damn…poor Horse.
    This is the Ranch? Dang Lingard, when you said you find AJ a home, you went BIG.
    Ch’yeah! :lol:
    Is he magma?!
    Poor guy.
    And he’s with the Ranch. Delightful.
    Somebody was rockin out on the way in.
    Goddammit. You just killed his nanny, didn’t you?
    No, you didn’t. You could’ve just used his name.
    There were other babies here too.
    Oh, so that’s where they got the car from. That long, eh?
    This whole side of the country is plagued in war.
    Oh… why’d you have to promise that?

    The Stream

    Fishin again.
    Hey Rosie.
    Wow, that’s a sudden and blunt change to a set of options.
    And don’t eat the fish. You can have rabbit or deadhead later.
    Just let it go buddy.
    “Clem’s Hat –It’s wet. And smells Bad“
    Go get the spear. It’s quieter.
    Lookout for Minerva’s walker too.

    Take It Back

    And obligatory song.
    Caught a leaf. A symbol of hope and renewal.
    Aasim, still hunting with arrows.
    “Don’t Fuck with Us.”
    Abel’s Walker.
    Willy, now part sloth.
    Louis on lookout.
    Wait, Ericson Academy?
    The new Horse.
    They’re hittin it off.
    The FUCK?!
    They actually took it! That’s…wow. I’m… surprisingly happy to see that.
    They’re called crutches, AJ.
    …Did they stop up her leg with a baseball? :lol:
    Tire Swing. Like the old Dairy. Thanks Willy.
    I’m surprised they can do that.
    Oh, it’s supposed to be his literal thoughts, which as a child he tends to verbalize. Clever.
    Was Ruby’s text always pink? I would’ve thought they’d pick a greater red.
    Poor Tenn.
    Keh--wait, why is she wearing an eyepatch if she’s BLIND?! :lol:
    You sure wanna waste that food there, Willy?
    The only reason he didn’t retaliate is because his is visibly still hot. I’d put money on it.
    Damn, Ruby.
    …Uh, you alright there buddy? Cupid didn’t bite you there, did he?
    Willy’s laugh is hilariously old.
    What is it?
    “Arrr.” Ugh…yes yes, you can have that. Also, incoming meme.
    Love the jumpcut to get around her getting up.
    Other people near the traps? Again.
    Hopefully not.
    Eh, I still think he could’ve handled it a little better but…I guess.
    And the two best shake like gentlemen.
    If anything, I would think Violet’d be pissed.
    “Caught ya.” Okay, that was a little funny.
    No it wouldn’t.
    Make a foot.
    Heh. Didn’t really take Willy for a bookworm.
    That’s just how it is.
    That is true.
    You’d be UNdead.

    The Final Walk

    Pfft, holy shit! That’d scare the crap outta me.
    ♪Finally we can relate♩
    Music can be magical, yes.
    What crystal gem is it?
    Oh that’s right, Calypso is a woman’s name!
    And just tosses it. :lol:
    Which is why he’s on the top side of the pillow. :wink:
    The Final Touch, for the Final Season.
    Rosie has to piss.

    I might come back to do overall thoughts later. Depends.

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