TTG Broke season 1!

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Animation clipping, the order of scenes being scrambled and a few lines of dialogue being taken out from the original are just a few of the problems here.. The first clipping I've noticed is in the beginning of the game when you're in the car with the police officer. His head snaps quickly left to right and you'll also notice that the organs in the head take a moment to catch up with the animation for a split second. Another problem I have had is during a Crawford scene when you first enter the high school building. The battery scene and fuel scene get mixed up and sometimes the fuel scene won't even trigger unless you restart the game from the last checkpoint you were at before the glitch started happening.

From what I experienced in particular, after I completed the battery scene I went out into the hallway to trigger the fuel scene and Molly appeared a second time to ask me if I was coming to help. I then re-entered the hallway and the fuel scene triggered. The only problem was that after I managed to start the scenario, the infirmary scene would not activate. Other than these problems I noticed that some dialogue has been changed and removed from the game completely. Although these changes are subtle to those who are light players or have only recently played the game players like myself who are diehard fans will notice these changes from the original.

One of the lines that are missing from the original is the ability to flirt with Carley in episode 1 when you first reach the drug store in Macon. Whether this dialogue was removed because of prejudice triggers or just because the developers saw it as an unneeded piece of story is beyond me. Also, the creep you encounter that kidnapped Clementine will now say about allowing Lily to stay and how she stole the RV instead of him saying that you shouldn't have abandoned her on the side of the road. There are also subtle changes to the game that weren't there before, like the gun in the back of Lee's pants that wasn't there before and also some original dialogue changes like when Clementine says "Yes" to Hershel when he asks if she knows Lee.

Hands going through gun stocks and Lee constantly putting his hands though solid objects are also a peeve to me because it wasn't like that before. Not to mention Doug and Carly clipping their hands through the entire box of objects they sift through when you first arrive at the motor inn. I don't really mind the developers changing small things to better fit the story to the modern standards and better fit the endgame story.. But if those changes are the cause of the code for the animations breaking then it definitely isn't worth it. Well there is plenty more subtle things that I could mention but those are the most immersion breaking ones that I really couldn't ignore. I hope one of the developers decides to read this and take the time to do some polishing on the game.

The first season is a masterpiece and one of my personal favorites I find myself playing over and over again without ever getting tired of it. This game deserves some time and effort to go back and fine tune things so that the game is at it's peak. I really hope that they decide to give it the nice dusting and polishing that it deserves.

EDIT: Season 1 & 2 need a TTG account login option.

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