Should Clementine learn new combos to dealing with walkers?

Although the unscripted walker combat was fun and new, it was a bit repetitive. The stun-kill combo works and is a nice callback to Jane, but perhaps Clem should learn new ways to fight the walkers. What if in future episodes, she learn some new things from people like Louis, Violet, or Aasim. Hell, what about Mitch? We have yet to even see the rest of the boarding school kids in action.

Also, varying up our weapon roster would help as well. Perhaps we could choose between a knife, a bat, a machete, or any other weapon that makes sense. I see that Clementine has that axe in the season premier art.


  • Big weapons don't really seem like they'd mesh well with her size, honestly. Knife/hatchet work fine. And if we start wall running and doing drop kicks, I'm done.

  • Just give her those Tales from the Borderlands finale combos and watch a young petite mother kick some serious ass.

  • I want Clem to learn Frank West style zombie killing moves.

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