What is your Clem? [poll and discussion]

Was your Clementine:
LINK FOR POLL: https://www.strawpoll.me/16411972/r
Do you like the result of your Clementine? Why? I earned Righteous and, personally, it was exactly what I was aiming for. What about you?
If you didn't get the result of the story builder yet here is the link: https://telltale.com/storybuilder/
Thanks for participating in poll and discussion!
Results will be posted around Sept. 15


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    . #MyClementine?

    A mistake.

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    Got Brutal. Killed Kenny, left Jane and spit on David’s face. I guess that constitutes “brutality” in the eyes of the storybuilder but idgaf.

  • Non of it matter she's still the same ?

  • This storybuilder has some weak choices we had to make harder decisions to build our Clem, I can not identify with any of these results, but I got Clem Leal that is not so bad at least

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    the story builder is ass and says "brutal" even if theres nothin like fuckin "brutal" no matter what u choose there,the choices are too limited there to say anything actually
    seems like most people got loyal tho,by lookin at the posts made on twitter when the story builder first released
    and also by this poll
    also the david choice was kinda fucked here,even clems narration is "i thought maybe they were right" wtf? thats not what happened in anf,it was spit in that mfs face or say goodbye and leave,but cuz u cant do anything else anyway,not because she wanted to leave aj there "let them take him" wtf?

  • I really like the custom poster builder but as far as the Clementine personality you get I don't think it was very accurate

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    Loyal. I think it was accurate enough, though those categories are pretty general. I put down Lee and prevented him from turning, didn't shoot Kenny and went to Wellington, and fought for AJ. I guess all of those qualify as loyalty. If I had to pick a secondly trait, then probably brutal after loyal.

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    Oh my Clem is brutal, and I love playing her like this. She doesn't forgive or forget, and doesn't take any shit.

  • Clem's brain is familiar to a guy who lived off for 500 years.

  • My Clem ranges in personality from season to season.

    In S1, she began as an innocent enough child as you would expect, but after Lee and Omid's passing (the latter's death my Clem felt partially responsible for), she became hardened, especially when she had to defend herself against a bunch of adults persecuting her at the beginning of S2. Things only got worse after Jane's fate in S3, and she became full-blown apocalypse-cynical, if that makes sense.

    But you know, a lot of people gave New Frontier flak, and while I found the first few episodes to be quite a drag as well, I actually appreciate what it did for my Clem. It gave her hope. My Clem had "A Renewed Soul" by the end, which was appropriate because I got what was practically the happiest ending (Javi being with Kate and Gabe was alive and still crushing on Clem). That was an important character development for my Clem, as she learned from Javi to keep trying for the best even in the darkest moments.

    And as an extension, it became an important character development for my AJ as well, who became "pragmatic" by the end of episode 1 of Final Season for me instead of Hardened or Ruthless. My Clem tries to raise him to be more compassionate and polite here because she doesn't want him to end up like her or the rest of the world - all hardened and bitter over losses. It's a very heartwarming growth and I've enjoyed roleplaying this little development out.

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