Eric Stirpe and MCSM: A Retrospective.

As a few of you may be aware; Today the 7th of September 2018: Eric Stirpe, the creator of Minecraft Story Mode and Lead Writer of Season 2 as well as many other Telltale properties, has completed his 5 Year contract at Telltale Games and left the company to pursue his dreams as he approaches "A new chapter of his life."

I'd like to take this time just to thank him for all his work on Minecraft Story Mode and the passion he had for both the game and it's community.

MCSM may not have been everyone's favourite Telltale game, nor may it have been the best but to those who were inspired by it and looked up to the characters in the game, we only have one person to thank: Eric Stirpe. Not to forget to thank the rest of the team who worked on MCSM throughout the years but the characters you've grown to love were written and created by none other than Mr Stirpe.

With his departure there's really nothing better we can do for this game but thank it for all the memories and to appreciate the time, effort and passion everyone gave into creating it.

In conclusion, where ever you may end up Eric Stirpe; you've always got a family at Telltale. Whether it the friends and colleagues you left behind, the characters you created or the fanbase you assembled, we're always behind you and wishing you all the best in life, you and your wife Ms Molly!

Thank you!
The entire MCSM fanbase.


  • Isn't he helping with the upcoming Stranger Things game?

  • He was, I'm assuming he's completed his writing parts now though. It's been confirmed on his Twitter he's left so that seems like a logical solution.

    matteso586 posted: »

    Isn't he helping with the upcoming Stranger Things game?

  • So I guess that's it then, Minecraft story mode is really over.?
    While this news dose make me kinda sad I wish Eric Stirpe good luck where ever he end up, and would like to thank him for MCSM. It inspired me in so many ways in my own writing, and helped me out during a tough part of my life. But I suppose all good things must come to an end and nothing built can last forever.

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