Relationship Metric Theories? (TFS EP 1 Spoilers)

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I'm sort of lost on how the "relationship" metrics work in TFS. I've had 2 playthroughs so far, and in one AJ was "hardened", and in another he was "ruthless". I'm not really sure what the difference is in those. Also some of the statuses don't really make sense to me. Why does Tenn feel helpless? How does Louis feel lost? What does that even mean? In my first playthrough he was heartbroken, but I had basically ignored him, so I suppose that makes some amount of sense. Though I'm not sure why Violet feels guilty when I fix her relationship Brody, was it? And horrified if I don't. Maybe Telltale wanted all of the adjectives to have a negative connotation for some reason?



  • Yea. I feel like those statuses weren't explained very well. I think The Enemy Within did a better job of explaining why characters feel the way they do based on different choices and what leads to what.

  • There is some correlation if you really think it over, I'm sure, but it's probably also a few cases of using words for the sake of differentiation.

    I wonder if the point system Kenny(and by possible extension, Lilly, Ben, Sarah, Kate, and Gabe) used is still somewhat in effect, though.

  • Never really one who cared about this, but

    it's probably also a few cases of using words for the sake of differentiation.

    What DabigRG said. They're all so damn similiar and it doesn't really make much sense when you think about it, but I don't like when characters change too much, even in a Telltale game. That's what I like about Telltales, strangely enough - the story doesn't change too drastically.

  • It could be largely based on how you approach Marlon. If you stay quiet at the end, Tenn will forgive Marlon and that alters his status too. It’s gonna be even harder in episode 2 to try and get a certain character to feel differently when we tack Ep1 to it

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