Will The Whisperers Be In Episode 2?

It Has Been Theorized But Will The Whisperers Be In Episode 2?


  • From what I've gathered (I don't read the comics so) the Whisperers are gone in the comic time line and we are past that in the game sooooooo... no ? Maybe it's just this James guy that sorta copies the Whisperers ? Then again he's making the "Shh" gesture (Alluring to the Whisperers) so I have no idea

  • Who are the Whisperers?

  • Batshit crazy ppl that use walker faces as disguise

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    Who are the Whisperers?

  • The Whisperers are already dead. A big majority of them. James is either a Whisperer that run off when they fought Rick Grimes' Militia or he is just a guy that does the same as them.

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