Thank You Everyone

Thank you to everyone reading this. The company, the workers, and the amazing community. I played S1 when I was about sixteen years old and it changed my life in the real world. Though I only played The Walking Dead series I am truly thankful for what you have done Telltale and I will never forget the amazing company you were. To the talented workers thank you for working hard every day to provide the best content you could for us. I am deeply sorry for what happened and hope you all will find security in the near future. Last, but defiantly not least, thank you to the community. You guys are amazing and creative when it comes to what happens on the forums (except for the weirdos lol). I am extremely distraught at what this amazing company has had to endure. I was aware that they were not a huge success but I had no idea they weren't breaking even. This company has had such an impact on peoples lives and I am so grateful to a small part of its journey. And remember; Telltale hates doing this just as much as we do. Do not make it harder on them by giving lots of negative feedback. We may not be able to finish Clem's story but we should all be grateful we were on it in the first place. Thank you all so much; I wish things didn't have to go down like this.

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