Toxic workplace aside, did the episodic format bite them in the butt?

Im not sure just how badly this effected sales, but im guessing a fair few people decided to wait for the entire season 4 to come out so they could play it all in one. I even considered it and now I wish i did. But obviously this meant that people did not buy it.


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    That is how I was with the previous games, where when I got season 1/2 I bought it when it was already released, but when I bought it as well there was a sale going on and decided to buy it then since heard good things about the telltale walking dead games.

    But I decided to buy the TFS right away, well pre-order it since they had a deal getting the collection free when buying the TFS and I mainly did this for that collection since I never owned ANF and figured this would be a way to get ANF a tad cheaper then buying it outright (even if on sale?).

    Plus I no longer had access to my season 1/2 anymore since that was on my old console (ps4) when I ended up selling that to get the xbox one x which is my current console, so figured this was a way to get my walking dead games back only console.

    I think in general all episodic games suffer from that where maybe they will get quite a few people to first bite and get the season pass and/or just buy the first episode and others ale carte, but I think a majority of players probably wait until the game is fully complete so they can finish it and say one sitting instead of waiting months and plus maybe a newer game could come up in a few months that would take you away from the game and you could almost forget about it.

    I think sometimes with these various episodic games you could almost buy and forget about it, especially in some cases I remember in the older games of telltale you could almost be waiting 3+ months for the next episode and in three months time you could easily forget about it or a newer and possibly better game could come along and take your attention away from the other game?

    edit: but I think in the buy and forget scenario, that would I think still benefit telltale (well unless you bought just the first episode and not the season pass/full game) since that person would have still bought the game.

  • People also need to remember that when Telltale Walking Dead season 1 hit was at a time when the show was an up and coming program that people were really excited about. The next few games were released at times when people were starting to become much more ho hum about the show to the point where we are now where lots of people have lost complete interest in the AMC program.

    I think that was a major reason why season 1 was such a success was because it came at a time when people were really excited about the Walking Dead universe.

  • Yes. They should have done all the episodes first, then had them set on a release schedule. I thought that that was the case with this season, but apparently not.

  • I kind of thought that myself, since that is why the episodes were only a month apart, so figure they were mainly mostly done, but what was left was maybe like polishing and possibly bug fixes? since in years past I remember it was a lot longer then just a month wait between episodes?

    Yes. They should have done all the episodes first, then had them set on a release schedule. I thought that that was the case with this season, but apparently not.

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