Which WD game had the saddest ending, Season 1 or Season 2?


  • Personally I'd say season 1, playing from Lee's perspective definitely intensified the emotions I felt for Clem and it left the series at a heartbreaking cliffhanger where it symbolized Clementines first step into becoming a hardened survivor. Most of Clementines future choices are influenced by Lee's service as a father figure to her which makes it much harder to watch happen. It left me with wonder on how the rest of Clem's journey would play out.

    In comparison to Season 2 It wasn't so much that it was sad as much as it was difficult trying to distinguish who was the lesser evil to keep alive. Kenny, a self-righteous, broken man at his boiling point toward anything that gets in the way of his delusional optimism for the future or Jane, a manipulative, pessimistic, mentally unstable, liar who only cares about her own interests no matter who she has to hurt including making Clementine kill her oldest friend. For me losing Kenny was extremely sad and could rival season ones ending in losing less(determinant) however, if Jane dies then it is not as impactful on the player because she is not a character that Clem has known since the very beginning of the story.

  • *Obligatory The Final Season joke here

  • Not a joke tho, it's true...

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    *Obligatory The Final Season joke here

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    Even though I consider season 2 the best season, season 1 had the saddest ending for me, I legitimately cried for the first (and last) time ever over a videogame. Its ending was dramatic and shocking, especially if you decide to shoot Lee before he would come back as a walker.
    Season 2 ending was touching aswell but I decided to stay with Kenny and leaving Wellington, Kenny is my favourite character and this ending makes me happy after all :)

  • Of course it's season 2

  • I don’t cry anymore, unless it’s when I ask Clementine to leave me. I’m not kidding, I’m a cold hearted piece of shit, but seeing a little girl forced to endure so much trauma, as well as me having my character die at the same time...it gets to me.
    Kenny dying is to me like Abraham’s death was to Rick in the comics.
    Rick was sad over Abraham dying, but knew that Abe had done inhumane, ungodly deeds that eventually caught up to him. Glenn was a genuinely good guy who found out his wife was pregnant...then got his brains smashed in. Lee is a determinant character but at heart he only wanted to keep going for the sake of an orphaned child.
    I know Lee killed the senator before the game started but it wasn’t the same.

  • Season 4. Actually tho this fucking sucks.

  • The Final Season

  • Season 1, it's just so fuckin sad when playing the game for the first time.

  • Season 4, since we never got to see it

  • Season 1 for me but S2 Kenny endings are pretty tear jerking too

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    Season 1 had the saddest ending because it was the official end off lee journey and the start off Clementine journey

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