What a great episode!

Wow... they knocked it out of the park. Again. I realize that Telltale's imminent collapse is still hanging in the background, probably discouraging a lot of folks (myself included), but if they're really going to get some help finishing this season off, I'm more than happily looking forward to it. I haven't been this impressed with TWDG in a long time.

Everything about this episode made me feel like shit actually mattered again, y'know? The suspense, the hubs, the exploration, the deep characterization with some of the kids (shout-out to Louis, Violet, Ruby and Mitch on that front), and our ability to start molding AJ into who we want him to become. I really feel like sometimes we have to watch what we say around him, since he seems to be taking our words up like a sponge.

And Lilly! Damn it girl, you've been making it real easy for people to hate you, but somehow they've been writing her in a way that makes me want to stick around; to break her out of this stupid raider bullshit she's displaying and find a way to bring her back. But if this was any indication... it could even be too late.

But somehow I actually appreciate that they went this route with her so far. The world's changed Lilly so far for the worse, and it probably didn't help that she thought she was all alone in the world with nobody left to give a shit about her. It wouldn't be realistic for Lilly to be the exact same person she was all those years ago.

But anyways, man... I really hope they end up finishing it, and even though I don't want to jinx it or anything, it sounds kind of promising.

Let's just hope they retain the same level of quality that they've been having so far. It's just a shame that it took the company falling to pieces for them to finally step up their formula.

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