Taking on the Critics (Spoilers)

So.. Alot of what Critics will say and talk about is the fact that Telltales is big on giving an illusion and how much other games do it better. Jim Sterlin is an example of this. I think that in most of their games - they are correct.. but what I find interesting is that this episode honestly feels different..

In my game.. My clementine admitted that AJ did murder someone.. that he attacked someone whom wasn't a threat. And then AJ began making me eat my words by pointing out how my clementine killed Lee who wasn't a threat. And then continued to use that..

It may be that Telltales has not really advanced and it's still a rail-game.. but they've gotten better at hiding it and including other elements.

I really hate that the company is gone and there's a high chance we wont get The last two episodes (and yea, yea.. I saw the tweet.. the tweet plus 3 bucks gets you cheap coffee.. until something's firm i'm going to stay skeptical - though I do hope I'm wrong..)

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