Can’t Download Episode 2

Can anyone help me out? I preordered the season for PS4 and I can’t download episode 2. Every time I press on the episode it says network unavailable, but I’m connected to the internet and everything. I even looked in the store for the individual episode but, nope.


  • edited September 2018

    I downloaded to PS4 not too long ago by opening up the game and going to episodes and clicking on download episode 2. Which took me to the page for Suffer The Children.

    My issue for the PC is that it tells me to continue episode 1 when I already finished it and when I try to start episode 2 it says all choices will be randomly generated. But when I do continue episode 1 out of curiosity it starts me from the very beginning. I had a huge game breaking glitch with PS4 TWD Complete Collection and now I have to start episode 1 all over again?! Nevermind, apparently I forgot I created a second save and didn't switch back to my original. Oh, I'm so forgetful sometimes.

    Anyway, maybe give it a little time and keep trying again.

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