Lilly vs Clementine [There will be spoilers]

edited September 2018 in The Walking Dead

Now, I might be getting a head of myself in this theory but I had a good theory you’ll probably enjoy.

Now, since we all know that Abel is now in a Randel situation as we know it but in the worst shape wether he lost his arm or not which is (determined)...straight too the point looks like we might either do a trade of captives just like (The Michonne mini series) however we might have some Rick vs Negan elements in this scene...what I mean is that when Rick Slid Negans thorat and the shoot out started ... we might get a reference to this scene the( All out War ) which would be Awesome.

Lily, with her thorat slid Abel dose another Randel jester When you trade him back to Norma he decides to attack you...refencing that part in the mini series.

And yes probably leading some of the kids from the school possibly dead because you know soldiers out of line.

Or we might get something simulated to that...who knows?

What do you guys think?

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