Episode 4 Death Ideas

I always thought that IF Clementine dies, there will be a scene in a heaven of sorts where she finds Lee and everyone else that she knew that died during the apocalypse.


  • Lilly getting devoured by walkers is another one .

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    From the achievement list it’s seems to be more than one ending from reading them in my opinion it seems like there is an ending where both clem and AJ survive and an achievement called ‘did all you could’ which sounds like AJs death idk if clem will have a death ending I hope not (edit don’t take my word for this it could all be BS)

  • I am aware that about the multiple ending achievements, I was talking about an ending where she dies.

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  • How about the rest of the deaths be determinant instead of forced, and have Lilly die by accidental hanging or incineration.

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