"Suffer The Children" - Your Choices

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Yadda, yadda, yadda, share and discuss your choices!

Major Choices (going off on some game files since the game isn't updating):

  • Told AJ he was justified for killing Marlon. vs Told AJ he had to atone for killing Marlon.
  • Signaled Violet to shoot Lilly. vs Told Violet and Louis to run.
  • Put down the walker against James' wishes. vs Distracted the walker satisfying James.
  • Hung out with Violet. vs Hung out with Louis.
    (Extra: Pursued a romance. vs Decided to remain friends.)

  • Saved Violet. vs Saved Louis.
    (Extra: Violet saved Clem from Lilly. vs Louis saved Clem from Lilly.)

Character Relationships (again, help me complete this!):

  • AJ: Justified vs Repentant
  • Lilly: Unimpressed vs Unconvinced
  • James: Trusted vs ...
  • Vi: Vengeful vs Kidnapped
  • Louis: Guil-Ridden vs Kidnapped
  • Tenn: Despondent vs ...
  • Ruby: Grateful vs Disgusted.

Minor Choices:

  • When Mitch threatened you outside the dorms you.. Disarmed him. vs Threatened to have AJ shoot him. vs Tried to reason with him.
  • Said you regretted shooting Lee/leaving Lee to turn. vs Stuck by what you did.
  • (If you told AJ he was justified) Told Tenn his drawings for the dead were a waste of time. vs Told Tenn his drawings were a sweet idea. vs Scolded AJ for being rude to Tenn.
  • (If you told AJ he's a murderer) Told Tenn the world needed new rules. vs Told Tenn the past before the apocalypse didn't matter.
  • Agreed to give up AJ's gun before leaving. vs Told AJ to keep his gun.
  • Tried to finish off Abel. vs Didn't start the hostilities.
  • Remembered Lilly. vs Didn't remember who Lilly was.
  • Accepted Lilly's help. vs Stood on your own.
  • Accepted James's apple. vs Told James to keep his apple.
  • Let James keep watch over you and AJ. vs Refused to sleep.
  • When we're scared... Tell it to fuck off. vs Control your breathing. vs Push through it.
  • Spoke of Lilly as a friend. vs Spoke of Lilly as someone horrible. vs Said you hardly remembered Lilly.
  • Burnt Ms. Martins. vs Buried Ms. Martins.
  • Chose the disco broccoli shirt. vs Chose the Erickson shirt. vs Chose the science dog shirt.
  • Let AJ go on patrol. vs Convinced AJ to go back to sleep.
  • Petted Rosie the dog. vs Played with Rosie the dog. vs Completely ignored Rosie the dog.
  • Spat on Marlon's grave. vs Left it be.
  • Told Violet the kids were ready to go against the raiders. vs Told Violet the kids were trying to do their best. vs Told Violet that everyone was falling apart.
  • Sided with Aasim's brick trap. vs Sided with Willy's log trap.
  • Marry, "Flip", Kill - Aasim, Ruby, James.
  • Dared Aasim to kiss a walker head. vs Dared Aasim to ask Ruby for a kiss.
  • Admitted to crushing on someone. vs Evaded the question. vs Said you weren't crushing on anyone.
  • Supported Tenn's "Eras" idea. vs Told Tenn they wouldn't be there to see another era. vs Told Tenn you don't believe in walkers ever disappearing anymore.
  • (Hanging out with Violet) Fish sign... Clem. vs AJ. vs Violet.
  • (Hanging out with Violet) Knife sign... Clem. vs AJ. vs Violet.
  • (Hanging out with Violet) Bird sign... Clem. vs Violet. vs Everyone.
  • When insulting Abel... Let AJ swear freely. vs AJ swore freely by himself. vs Capped his swearing at "shit". vs Kept him from swearing still.
  • Showed concern over AJ talking about killing so casually. vs Played Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who called dibs on Abel.
  • (If you played Rock, Paper, Scissors) Won and called dibs on Abel. vs Lost and AJ called dibs on Abel.
  • Forbade Lilly from saying Lee's name. vs Told Lilly Lee taught her to kill. vs Told Lilly Lee would be proud of her.
  • Shot Lilly before she got ahold of Tenn. vs Told Tenn not to listen to Lilly, and he got held. vs Told Lilly to shut up.
  • Appealed to Lilly, told her you were family once. vs Accepted defeat and told Lilly to be quick. vs Told Lilly you would see her in hell. vs Stood silent as Lilly was about to execute you.
  • Lilly pulled the trigger. vs Lilly never pulled the trigger.


  • Acquired the firefighter toy.
  • Acquired the boar skull.
  • Acquired the bug plant.
  • Acquired the mushroom.
  • Ate a mushroom.
  • Examined a dubious chemical.
  • Didn't miss a shot when practicing with Louis.
  • Kissed someone.
  • Killed all the walkers with a bow after the stand-off with the raiders (Deadeye achievment.)


  • Ruby's other one is disgusted

  • My choices: I told AJ he had to atone for killing Marlon , I told violet and Louis to run, I put down the walker against James wishes, I hung out with Louis and kissed him which means I pursued romance , and saved Louis

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  • Thanks! I really enjoy having all this documented. I updated the Done Running thread with all I could find too.

    Ruby's other one is disgusted

  • At the begin, I wanted to say sory for my broken English. When i played first time, I:
    1. Told AJ he had to atone for killing Marlon:
    I didn't want to make AJ be cruel (i don't know if this is right word) - also in first episode, I didn't kill the walker-couple in the station. I wanted to make him be more nice and think before he do sth.
    2.Told Violet and Louis to run.
    Propably they wouldn't hit the shot, so it would be dangerous for them. I wanted to make everyone be safe.
    3. Distracted the walker satisfying James.
    Again, safety first. If you can distract walker without any risk - its better than killing him. I like James, and I think he will be nice friend - don't need to make him disappointmed
    4.Hung out with Violet. Romance.
    I know, TFS is last TWD season with Clem (and it may be last TWD season overall) so i wanted to let her "taste" some normal life (like it used to be before). I choosed Violet becouse she have never betrayed Clem (she was defending her after Aj shot Marlon) and i don't see Louis as bf. I am just wondering what will happen when Minnie meet Violet.
    5. Saved Violet. Louis saved Clem.
    I choosed Violet becouse I have spent with her more time (as Clem) than with Louis, also Violet will be more usefull in retake kidnaped kids. I think when you have to choose between man and woman, and everyone likes each one, man should put himself in worse position.

    I played this season 3 times. First time i made choices described ubove. Second time, Clem became Violet friend, but I think this game isn't about change your choices if you don't like them, but try to live with them, so i played 3rd time and I did everything like I did when I was playing first time. I only changed answer when they where playing "true or dare" (I believe this is name of this game) to check other option, I dont think this will change anything in next episodes.

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    1. Told AJ he’d have to atone
    2. Told Violet to shoot
    3. Distracted the walker
    4. Hung out with Violet (Friends)
    5. Saved Violet
    6. Picked Disco Broccoli shirt

    James: Appreciative (James other status)
    Violet: Vengeful
    Lilly: Unconvinced
    Louis: Kidnapped
    Ruby: Grateful
    AJ: Repentant
    Tenn: Ashamed (Tenn’s other status)
    Mitch: Dead
    Abel: Captured
    Rosie: Loyal
    Willy: Annoyed
    Omar: Kidnapped
    Aasim: Kidnapped

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