Every major decision in episode 2. What choices did you pick? (Poll)

I just did my 2nd playthrough of Episode 2 and wrote down every major ____ or _____ decision that I could find. So many compelling ones this time :). And wanted to share the list to see how everyone answered them.

  1. Did you tell AJ he was a murderer?

  2. Did you tell Louis to fuck off when he called AJ a murderer or console him?

  3. Did you talk Mitch down or attempt to disarm him or threaten with violence during the knife scene.

  4. What did you say when AJ asked about you putting Lee down?

  5. Did you tell AJ to give Louis his gun or keep it when you were forced to leave?

  6. Did you accept their escort or were you confrontational?

  7. Did you tell Violet to shoot Lilly or did you tell her to run?

  8. Did you accept the fruit from James or let him keep it?

  9. Did you distract the Walker like James said or did you shank it?

  10. Did you help James keep watch or did you sleep?

  11. When you got back to Erikson. Were you rude to violet. Or did you say you were happy to see her?

  12. Did you go first up the ladder willingly or tell Mitch to go?

  13. Did you Bury or Burn the Nurse?

  14. Did you eat the shrooms?

  15. Which shirt did you choose for AJ?

  16. Did you call AJ Stupid for trying to stay up all night or did you say he was brave?

  17. Did you spit on Marlon's grave?

  18. Did you forgive Louis when he told you his feeling during archery?

  19. Did you Dare Assim to kiss Ruby or the Walker Head?

  20. Did you confess you had feeling for someone in the group at the card game or say no.

  21. Kill Marry Flip game. Who did you pick?

  22. Did you choose Assim's brick trap or the log trap?

  23. Did you walk with Violet or Louis?

  24. Did you choose to kiss the person you went with or friend zone them?

  25. Did you let AJ swear?

  26. Did you save Violet or Louis?

  27. Did you tell Lilly to shoot you or try to talk her out of it.

Those are the major decisions I found throughout episode 2. Some were really hard to pick. What choices did you make and are you happy with their outcomes?

I told AJ he was a murderer. In attempt to parent him the right way but of course he never really seems to soak in the morals of things. I feel bad for him though. But making him feel guilt is ok imo because he needs to think before decisions.

I didn't tell Louis to fuck off.

I talked Mitch down. I didn't want to step on any more toes.

I told AJ I couldn't put him down even though I did. I guess the save file is fucked :(

I let AJ Keep his gun in the 2nd playthrough. I only gave it up in the first because I thought he'd change his vote if AJ did or something.

I accepted their escort to be nice to violet. I was mad at Louis but Violet deserved me being nice.

I took the fruit. I want Clem to be full. It's all that matters.

I told violet to shoot.

I threw the rock to distract the zombie but I really wonder what happens if you shank his ass lol. James loves them so I felt bad.

I kept watch with James because I was paranoid he'd rob me while I was asleep or doing something dumb as typical with these games and their sneaky antagonists.

I was nice to Violet of course. When I seen the "You were much help asshole" or whatever it was I cringed. I can't even imagine mustering those words to Violet. She's so nice.

I just went up the ladder first to shut Mitch up. At this point he was annoying me.

I helped Ruby bury the nurse. I felt bad and didn't want anything to do with bonding with Mitch or sharing his ideas.

I ate the psychadelic shroom.

I chose the disco brocolli shirt of course. Disco Brocolli is god.

I called AJ stupid. Felt bad when he got upset about it but he was acting pretty stupid. I thought Clem woulda said it lighter. More like a "Don't be stupid AJ" vs "You are Stupid AJ, Everything you do is dumb as shit" which is how it came off lol.

I spit a giant wad of spit on Marlon's grave in my second playthrough. Didn't know it was an option in the first lol. Desecrating his grave made me feel bad afterwards but I did it for Brody.

I forgave Louis when he said he understood what AJ did. I feel bad for him. And it of course was natural his feelings.

I dared Assim to kiss Ruby the first playthrough but the walker the second just to see it. Both were funny.

I confessed I had feelings for someone in the group.

I chose Marry Ruby, Kill James, And let Assim clap cheeks in the Marry, Flip, Kill game.

I walked with Violet and kissed her.

I saved Violet.

I didn't let AJ Swear. I don't want him being any more rebelious or troubling. I also didn't let him get dibs on killing Abel. He was acting twisted during look out lol. He's gotta get himself in order. He's genuinely scaring me.

And I talked Lilly out of shooting Clem by telling her we were family once. Stupid bitch fell for it.


    1. I told AJ he was a murderer. Marlon wasn't a threat when he shot him so that's why I said that
    2. I consoled Louis
    3. I talked Mitch down
    4. I told him I put Lee out of his misery
    5. Keep the gun. Why would I let AJ give Louis the gun. We need to survive.
    6. Accepted their escort
    7. I told Violet and Louis to run, I didn't want to risk anyone getting hurt. And sure enough if you told Violet to shoot Lilly, Louis gets shot
    8. I accepted the fruit, we were starving and I mean hey, he offered and AJ needed to eat
    9. Distracted the walker, there was no reason to kill it and I want to keep things on good terms with James
    10. I slept
    11. I said I was happy to see Violet. I knew a romance scene was gonna come soon so I wanted it to be good
    12. I went up the ladder, it didn't bother me. If he wanted me to go first then fine I don't care.
    13. Bury the nurse, at the end of the day she was still a human and helped the kids survive.
    14. I didn't even see the shroom lol. But I am going to replay the episode and eat the shroom so I can get all of the collectibles.
    15. I chose the DJ Broccoli shirt or whatever it was. It seemed like AJ would like it the most considering it was his toy in the first episode.
    16. I don't really remember this one if I'm being honest. But I'm pretty sure I called him brave.
    17. No. I was afraid someone would see me and it might ruin my reputation even more lol
    18. Yeah, I forgave him. He had every reason to be mad and I'm glad he turned around near the end.
    19. Kiss Ruby, seemed a lot more interesting lol.
    20. I confessed I had feelings for someone. And we'll soon find out later who that someone was hint hint
    21. I think I said I would marry James, Flip Aasim, and Kill Ruby
    22. I chose Aasim's brick trap. Seemed like it would be a lot more effective
    23. Walked with Violet definitely. I was shipping Clem and Violet since the beginning and I knew this was gonna be a romance scene
    24. Kissed. Definitely. No doubt.
    25. I let him swear but no higher than "shit"
    26. Saved Violet
    27. Talked her out of it. Tried to distract her long enough until someone did something. Also I'm really hoping Lilly can turn around and actually become good so I'm not trying to be a dick to her.
    1. Yes
    2. Fuck off
    3. Disarmed him
    4. I put Lee down to keep him from turning
    5. Kept it
    6. Told them we don't need their help
    7. Shoot
    8. Ate the apple
    9. Distracted
    10. Stayed awake (Clementine wanted to stare at his pretty face for as long as possible)
    11. Sarcastic
    12. Went up first without a fight
    13. Bury
    14. Ate the mushroom
    15. Disco Broccoli
    16. Stupid
    17. No
    18. Yes
    19. Ruby
    20. No (Only James)
    21. Marry Ruby, Fuck James, Kill Aasim
    22. Brick
    23. Violet
    24. Friends
    25. No
    26. Violet
    27. Told her I'd see her in hell
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