Why is Tenn at a school for troubled youths?

edited September 2018 in The Walking Dead

It just hit me. Why is Tenn there? The kid is a damn angel lol. He's soft spoken, not violent what so ever. Forgives people who shouldn't be forgiven. Is optimistic. Level headed. Mature. Smart. Yet somehow is in a place with dudes like Mitch and other troubled kids who build bombs and fight. I also wonder about his scar. So much to unravel about Tenn. What are your theories about him. Even if we make stuff up lol.

My theory is before the apocolypse Tenn and his Sisters Sophie and Minnie maybe stole from a store or did something dumb in school and were placed at Erikson's. Maybe it was Minnie's idea. I'm not too sure. I can't imagine how Tenn would be a bad kid.

In fairness Ruby, Assim, and Louis all seem to be extremely nice, and non violent as well. Violet has a tinge of rebeliousness in her tone but really none of these kids seem troubled outside of Mitch. He was off his rocker. AJ fits troubled more then half the kids at the troubled school.


  • I thought it was implied Tenn was one of the kids that wasnt actually there before it started, so I think him and his sisters came across it and joined. (not to mention He'd be like 5 max when the outbreak started)

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