[POTENTIAL SPOILERS!] Lee and Clementine flashback in Season 4

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Anyone else hear about the Clementine and Lee flashback that's going to happen in Season 4?


  • Telltale themselves posted these models and such, so I don't think it's much of a spoiler. Plus, it was inevitable that we would get a flashback between these two, I mean come on, it's the final season of Clementine's journey!

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    Fucking hell really? I’d say spoilers and all but... I’m happy ?
    Edit: oh, damn, I just figured it out.... if it is a flashback, and not a dream, that means the flashback is likely going to be either on the train, or when they get off the train, meaning we’ll see Kenny, Christa, Omid, Ben and Chuck as well. Just a guess.

  • Holy shit, that's amazing but The Final Season is still unknown.

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    Gotta get the tissues ready

    Coz dat shits gonna be emotional AF

  • You might want to change the title and add a spoiler buddy...if this is true and eps 3-4 are going to be released I wouldn't want this to be spoiled.

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