Isn't this kinda frightening?

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It is honestly so scary to me that Clementine has seen so much horrible shit in the apocalypse (cannibalism, dictatorships, kidnapping, suicide), but the Ericson kids have not. They have no idea how awful the world is nowadays, because they’ve spent the entire apocalypse sheltered within the school area. (As far as we know, at least.)

I have a feeling that in episode three, they’re gonna see some traumatizing shit and I honestly pray for them. Poor kids.


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    "You have no idea what people out there are capable of!"

    "Think again."

    That Clem line sent chills!

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    I think they had to grow some spine in order to deal with...Well, hordes of Walking Corpses.

    It begs the question of whether it is the Dead or the Living who can commit more grisly acts. But I dont think they are helpless: They unleashed those traps and bombs on Lilly´s party without hesitation and shot to kill. I beleive they, like almost everyone else, must be accostumed to the idea of killing: Its soemthing you need to do survive

  • I feel like we've seen it all. Needs.......mores.....

  • We do don't have a lot of information to draw on the Ericson kids experiences, but I can safely assume they don't have diverse experience that Clementine has, as they choose to keep to a specific area for their survival. But I can also assume they probably do have some idea of how awful the outside world is, but it's not a reality for them. Closest example I can come up with for a comparison is watching a natural disaster on TV - hurricane, earthquake, tornado. The reality of what is seen is known, but not fully understood until you've been there, walking in the devastation, the carnage, and the loss.

    As I see it the Ericson kids in episode three will have to push forward if they are to survive their new reality, and, as usual, not everyone will survive.

  • The kids at Ericson do know** some**things about the hardships of today's reality, but they weren't simply sheltered by the school. They were sheltered by Marlon.

    He wasn't lying when he said none of the teachers or principal stayed - only the nurse did. When Ruby spoke of what happened with the nurse, it sounds as if she had been bitten while the children got to safety. Marlon was among those last to see her. If you recall in the greenhouse, the nurse's hands are tied. Both of her hands are tied. She didn't put herself there, and yet she is there. In the lab of her favorite place with a heavy shelf to block the door.

    If I had to guess, Marlon helped her secure herself in her favorite place, shoved the shelf over the door, and marked off the greenhouse as outside the safe zone as she'd just asked to stay there to turn rather than ask one of the students she'd been carrying for to kill her.

    The other kids know the food is short, but never how dire as only a few understood it :: Marlon, Brody, Aasim, and to a lesser extent Louis and Violet. The other kids knew the dangers, as I do believe the school lost likely around thirty or so students over the years to walkers, illness, and other hardships. But they didn't know it as Clementine knew it.

    I don't believe they'd encountered any other people until a year ago - and they were utterly unprepared for it. Likely sure that they might be the last living people in their area, I doubt any of them knew what to do when they were discovered by adults with guns. I would bet if the students had encountered an adult in that wrecked car, they might've left them to the walkers.

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