Trouble with camera control

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Has anyone else had this issue while playing? I've tried all variations of camera sensitivity but I just don't feel in control of where I'm looking. I've managed for most of the game, but now I can't get past the crossbow fight scene. By the time I take out the walkers in front of Clem, the ones behind her are too close and I get a Game Over screen.

Unrelated but I'm also like, depressed. I've really enjoyed episode two but I also feel sad. We might never see a conclusion to the story, or if we do it'll probably be a lot of shit and death. This season would have been as good as season 1 I think.



  • You know you can walk around with the bow, right?
    My second playthrough, when I figured that out, went a lot smoother than my first one. :P

  • You can walk around and kill walkers with your knife too (Those that are not on fire).
    You can also use the bow to shoot their knees and stun them (Credit to @Deltino for figuring this out).
    For me when playing with an Xbox 360 controller -1 sensitivity seems to work best.
    For M&K +2 seems to be ok.

  • There are different camera angles?

  • Don't worry. TFS will get finished. It may not be to Telltales best quality; but to the company who will pick it up, I know they will but their full effort into it. Stay cheerful; we should [official] get news soon.

  • i had the same trouble too you have no idea how many times i died but i i did it you have to walk around first you have to put some space between you and walkers go to a wall so you make sure no walker come from behind you and you will have a clear view on every walker go to the most far wall from any walker the best one i got is the one behind the table behind you just at the beginning of the fight the table will be front of you and the only thing behind you is a wall the table work wonderfully as barricade slows the walkers down giving you time you need to aim and kill the walkers who are on fire with bow you can kill others who are not on fire by knife without stuning them to buy your self time you have to keep your finger close to the stun button if you like you can just keep pressing it over and over when you think need it that if you don't trust your reaction time.
    if you got stuck in a pack of walkers front of you just stun every one of them and direct your camera to another wall and let go of the mouse and go forward to that wall it will be better to not run cause that will ruin the camera angel you directed your mouse to it and it will mess every thing up
    keep doing just that every time and you will survive.

  • Wow, thanks yall I'm dumb. I didn't even think to move around smh :#

  • the fire walker scene was a bitch. eventually hitting stunning them helped me out a lot

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