(Minor Spoiler) TFS Easter Egg Question

I love the star moustache Easter egg in episode 2 and recall reading somewhere that TTG had that moustache as a running gag/theme in their games. Does anyone know if/where these eggs were located in TWD S1-3 if they were included?

Also, as a side note; was I the only one looking for a 'carve a moustache into the piano' option with Louis after see the star Easter egg?


  • It started in Season 1 where if you keep clicking Kenny in episode 5 Lee talks about Randy Tudor, it isnt in Season 2, and in ANF if you click Jesus a few times in episode 3 Jesus talks about Tudor.

  • In s1e5 when you're in the suicide couples bedroom, try talking to Kenny 5 or 6 times and Lee ends up saying "Randy Tudor, good man, damn fine man, powerful stache, one of the greats".

    S3e3 try talking to Jesus a few times during the hub area when you're trying to get into the warehouse and Jesus will say the same line about Randy Tudor.

    S3e5 during the scene where Javi walks through the walkers, walk the opposite way you're supposed to and a walker says some line about Grady Standard and his golden hair and then Javi dies.

  • Randy Tudor was the longest serving member off telltale games he credited on every telltale game i played weather he one off the 25 i don't know

  • Thank you everyone for your responses! I can't wait to hear Kenny and Jese talk about powerful staches.

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